Step Up: All In (2014) Review

Step Up: All In (2014)
Step Up: All In (2014)

I was at the “Step Up: All In” preview earlier today and I must say that storyline wise, it is a little weak. The plot was pretty predictable to me too but then again, it wasn’t over the top and it is actually pretty realistic and more true to the life of a dancer than the previous editions of “Step Up”.

I won’t deny that I’m being biased towards this movie because it was directed by Trish Sie. Haha. Many of you probably don’t know this but Trish Sie is a Grammy award winning choreographer and director; and also the sister of Damian Kulash, lead singer of Ok Go, one of my favourite bands.

Trish Sie also did the choreography of Ok Go’s first few viral videos, “A Million Ways” and “Here It Goes Again” among many others.

So now that you know this little bit of information, you will then understand better why “Step Up: All In” is what it is. Trish painted a pretty realistic view of the world of competitive and professional dancing (and the world of reality TV). Trish is a ballroom dancer herself as well. So yes, Trish does know what she is talking/directing about.

There is is no fancy effects and stuff in the movie and the sick dance moves you see in the movie is real. As with all editions of “Step Up”, you’ll always feel inspired to want to start dancing at some point during the movie.

So don’t watch this movie and expect a lot of stylised glitz, glamour and sex/love scenes etc, “Step Up: All In” truly focused the movie on the dance moves; the storyline and drama is secondary.

The verdict: this movie is worth the weekend ticket and buying the DVD/BluRay for all you dancer-wannabes out there. Otherwise, just wait for it to be available on iTunes and rent it then. I must stress that this is not saying that the movie is bad; it just means that if you are not into dancesport, the movie might be mildly entertaining/a bit boring for you.

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