U-Kiss, M.Pire, Bigstar, 4L and Winners Crew Live in Manila for KNation Music Showcase 2014

KNation Music Showcase 2014 Manila

Come 5 October 2014 at Hall 3 & 4 of Manila’s SMX Convention Center, I’ll be screaming my lungs out for Bigstar and Kiseop and friends, better known as U-Kiss.

This is technically a U-Kiss showcase with M.Pire, Bigstar, 4L and South Korea’s top dance crew Winners Crew opening for them as special guests.

With all that I know about the scene and industry in Singapore, I must say that I feel a huge tinge of jealousy that Manila is able to pull off such an event. I can divulge that there are intentions to do something similar in Singapore but cost is a major problem so nothing has materialised so far. (Anybody interested to invest/sponsor? :D)

Anyway, I have digressed. I will get to see Bigstar live again!! In fact, Bigstar is the main reason why I’m heading over to Manila. Kiseop is the secondary reason. LOL.

The last time I saw Bigstar, it was at some charity thing in Seoul in October 2013 and this fancam taken by my friend was the exact moment I became an OnlyOne:

Bigstar is super awesome and completely underrated. I was super impressed by their showmanship and how they handled a technical glitch without skipping a beat given how they had only debut for about 1.5 years. Amazing!

As for the rest, it’ll be my first time to watch them perform live so I’m pretty excited to see if they live up to my expectations of them based on fancams, performance, variety show videos of them that I’ve watched.

Anyway, ticket prices are super cheap compared to Singapore that I wanted to cry.

  • VVIP – P 4,240.00  / P 3,999.00 via pre-sell | ~SGD 122 / SGD 115
  • VIP – P 3,180.00 | ~ SGD 91
  • Class A – P 1,590.00 | ~ SGD 45
  • General Admission – P 640.00 / P 530.00 | ~SGD18 / SGD 15

The above prices are inclusive of taxes.

Each artist has a “queue” so whichever queue you join will allow you to take part in raffle draws specific to the artist of your choice.

So needless to say, I joined the Bigstar queue and got the VVIP tickets since it is cheaper than some of the cheapest category tickets in Singapore.

This VVIP ticket (Bigstar queue) means that I get to stand right in front of the stage and it comes with a Bigstar meet & greet as well!! I’m so bringing all my Bigstar albums over. Furthermore, there is a raffle draw where one can stand a chance to win a dinner date with the group of your choice. (Bigstar for me please) Excited!!

Head over to KNation’s Facebook page for more details about the event and you can get tickets from smtickets.com and fly over if you are interested. Kekeke.

Finally, a big thank you to Christine at @BraveBigstar_PH for all the help. See you soon!

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