Life, Death and The Legend of Corpse Herding / Walking (赶尸)

Fengdu Ghost City (丰都鬼城)
Fengdu Ghost City (丰都鬼城)

I have been feeling a little down because of the news of my ex-colleague. There are stuff sitting in my inbox that’s waiting to be posted but I just haven’t been feeling up for it. I’ll get around to it soon. I just need to mope around for a bit more.

For the last few days since the tragic news broke, I have spent some time reflecting on my life and wondering what I would be regretting if my life ended in some kind of tragic accident. Morbid perhaps, but death does put your life in perspective and it really makes your prioritise the things in your life.

I have always been interested and curious on subjects around witchcraft, sorcery, vampire, ghosts and the supernatural realm. So in the dark mood that follows the death of a familiar person on top of the lingering curiosity on the subject of corpse herding/walking from my recent trip to China, I found the balls to check out the two-part documentary about the legend/folklore that is the Miao Minority Ethnic Group’s practice of “赶尸 (Corpse Herding/Walking)”. (During daylight of course.)

The documentary is in English by the way.

The documentary wasn’t as scary as I expected and it is definitely very fascinating. I have no doubt that some form of the practice definitely existed but what exactly happened and how it works still remains a mystery… and I guess that’s what makes it so fascinating. To me at least.

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