School’s OUT: Top Korean Artists To Make Surprise Visits to Schools in Asia!

School's Out (© Channel M)
School’s Out (© Channel M)

CJ E&M’s Asian channel, channel M is producing a reality programme that showcases Asian teenager’s interest in K-pop activities outside Korea named School’s OUT.

The first artist appointed for this show is Kang Gary!

School's OUT: Kang Gary (© channel M)
School’s OUT: Kang Gary (© channel M)

Kang Gary is no stranger to a k-fan due to Running Man, an immensely popular Korean variety show. He is also the rapper and lyricist of Leessang, a hip-hop duo formed in 2002.

School’s OUT will document Gary’s surprise school visits in Asia and only ONE school from each region will have this opportunity to meet and interact with Gary.

His tours to the chosen schools as well as his preparations behind the scenes will be featured in the programme, in hope of sharing his experience with K-pop fans all over Asia.

So I hear you screaming and guess what? You can apply for your school to be visited by Kang Gary! Just go to on and between 10 – 31 August and apply for your school and tell them why your school should be selected. The school’s selection will be based on the teenager’s school support and their online entries. Visit for more details.

School’s OUT will be broadcasted on channel M in 10 Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia in Q4 2015.

channel M in Singapore is on Singtel TV 518 (HD) and StarHub TV Channel 824 / Channel 874 (HD).

Good luck and have fun!!

10 thoughts on “School’s OUT: Top Korean Artists To Make Surprise Visits to Schools in Asia!

  1. i just want you to visit my school.why?erm just want you visit here.My school have many beautiful girls, of course they aren’t jihyo onni beautiful…kkk

  2. I really wanted kpop artists to come my school. Gary Oppa was ugly on the show but i really want to see real looks. My school is at NorthViewSecondarySchool. Oppa, Saranghaeyo ! ❤

  3. Annyeonghaseyo Gary Oppa!I really want you to visit my school.Because all girls in my school like K-POP and of course Running Man . I really want to play games with you.I think i already late to apply but gwenchana.I hope i will meet u.Kamsahamnida oppa.

  4. Annyeonghaseyo GARY OPPA!i want you visit my school..i really like you…can you come to my school?your birthday is 24/02 right?my birthday is 23/02 ..i want celebrate my birthday with you..but i know you can’t..okey bye GARY OPPA …saranghae ❤

  5. Hello Kang Gary i really like you.please come to Singapore again i like you song get some air and i really want to meet you cause when i want to go to running man season 3 at Singapore but my
    mother said i am still young. My birthday wish is to meet you in real life at my school my school is CVPS

  6. Hello Gary oppa,Im Masrafizah from Malaysia.I wanted very much want to meet with Gary oppa.There my school many studients pretty and cute because all studients are girls.My school at sekolah menengah kebangsaan kapar batu 10 jln kapar 42200 kapar klang selangor darul ehsan,Malaysia.i hope Gary oppa come to school because we can only await guests such as gary oppa.4 years i never watch a rman.i can studied a korean language in korean dramas.i can understand a korean language. I like rapper leesang. I like korean.4 years i never watch a Running man.Malaysia many spicy food it very delicious.Korean daebak.thank you Gary oppa.

  7. Hi gary i already sent you the comment i just want to say Happy Birthday your 2016 Birthday i birthday already finish so you are my favourite kpop star ever so will you make my dream come true please my school is Compassvale Primary School at Singapore come back

  8. hi gary, I’m acmi form indonesian. i really like you, and i really like this channel. i hope you to come to my school. i really hope it oppa!!! please, i like you so much, my friend hope you come too. my school in SMP STRADA NAWAR, bekasi, jl.raya hankam. please, oppa, please, jebal, wkwkwk. i will wait you, and i hope it come true. saranghae. love you. please. please. please.

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