Spector Live in Singapore 2012 Post Mortem

When I agreed to go check Spector out, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Before the show, my understanding is that Spector as a pop rock type of band.

However, when the guys took to the stage, boy was I so surprised. LOL. They are just so random and it was hilarious!!

Fred was constantly using a comb to comb his hair throughout the set. Initially, I thought it was just him sweeping his hair back but after the second or third time he did the action that I actually realised that he was using a comb!!

Also, Fred was constantly talking shit on stage. Haha. He was like, “This is the first time we’re playing this in Singapore!” it was cool except that it was their first time in Singapore so it doesn’t matter which song it is, it will be their first time playing the song in Singapore!

I think it was before the last song “Chevy Thunder”, Fred said something like, “In Chevy Thunder, because you guys came out to see us, we will play 2 guitar solos.” LOL. What??

I have definitely enjoyed myself a lot during the 30 minutes or so show. Spector is one of the most fun bands I’ve ever seen live so far. Partly because their so full of shit and I dig it. Haha… but really, go check them out!!

Here are the photos from the show earlier:

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