Born This Way Ball Singapore 2012 Postmortem

Lady Gaga wrapped up her Born This Way Ball stop in Singapore after 3 epic sold out nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Lady Gaga once again demonstrates herself  as a true artist and performer that she is. She is truly in a league of her own that even Madonna can’t touch.

My view of the stage

When I entered the venue, DJ Zedd was doing a pretty good job of hyping up the crowd. It would loud and I do like it. Haha. I must add that the screens they used were pretty good as well, quite almost like it was of HD quality.

Monster Hall

What awed me the most about the whole Born This Way Ball was the Monster Hall stage. The design of the castle is brilliant! I also love how the band was basically situated within the castle and you can see them when the castle opens up. The attention to detail is stunning. You really have to see it for yourself.

Also, the format of Born This Way is sort of like a musical if you ask me. Whole effect of the stage and costumes were so theatrical. You know, so Gaga.

Needless to say, Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Telephone, Bad Romance, Judas and Born This Way were definitely the crowd favourites. The whole venue went crazy screaming and jumping to those songs. There were a lot of people around where I was seated who didn’t really know other songs on the Born This Way album. So it was very easy to tell who is a Little Monster and who is not. Haha. Just look for who reacts to the non-single songs.

My favourite Gaga songs are Judas, Bad Romance, You & I, Americano and Schisse. So when she started singing Americano and Schisse, I got really excited and high and the non-little monsters around me were wondering what is going on. Haha. I really love the choreography for Schisse as well. So awesome!

Also, what is a Lady Gaga concert without fashion right? Here are her various looks throughout the night:


Bloody Mary
Bad Romance

Amen Fashion (Black Jesus)



I must say that during the Ball, Lady Gaga and her dancers were moving up and down and through the castle. The way they were prancing around up there, I was quite worried that she’d fall off or something. (I do have a fear of heights so it translates into the fear for others as well.) Look at how high they get up to:

The whole structure was a good 4 or 5 storeys high mind you!

For the ticket price (I paid SGD 158.00 excluding fees), the 2 hour show + the stage + the props + costumes is no doubt major value for money. I’d watch it all over again if I could. It is nothing less than awesome and it is everything that I’ve come to expect from a Haus of Gaga production.

Well done to everyone to in the Haus of Gaga and the production team. Thank you.

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