Seoul Adventure: Super Junior Fan Meet Super Camp That Didn’t Happen

I think this is the first time I’m making a blog post about not being able to attend a concert/fan meet. LOL.

This trip to Seoul was booked in the hope and anticipation of attending the Super Junior fan meeting: Super Camp.

Super Camp Seoul 2015
Super Camp Seoul 2015

I actually didn’t expect that SM Entertainment would release any additional tickets to the fan meet because it was a seated event. Like how many more chairs can you squeeze into a fixed place right? I went down to the venue anyway to try to buy some merchandise or see if there was a way to bargain down the price of a black market ticket which was going at 500,000 won for a 55,000 won ticket. Not worth it I say. I love Super Junior to bits but 500,000 won for a 55,000 won ticket is ridiculous.

The merchandise queue started at 10.00 am KST and when I arrived at the venue around 12.30 pm KST, all the light sticks and bracelet were gone! I was quite shocked actually. Like how little light sticks were produced? Did SM Entertainment really think that Super Junior is that unpopular that they decided not to produce to many pieces in case there was an oversupply?

Anyway, as the venue is really perched on the top of a hill, I took a breather after climbing all the way up and I didn’t notice that there was actually a queue for last minute tickets. If I had noticed it the first thing when I arrived, I would have gone straight into the queue and not gone to look at the merchandise.

Oh well, what done is done. So after joining the queue at 1.00 pm KST, I found out at 6.10 pm KST that there was absolutely no way I was watching EunSiHae for the last time in Super Camp. I felt numb. Some fans in front and behind me in the queue started crying. We were really close really; within 20 ~ 25 people before the cut the queue and said that the tickets were completely sold out.

In the 5 hours or so that I was in the queue, I made friends with 2 fellow fans from Thailand and we decided to leave and go get dinner together.

While chatting during dinner, i was like, “We should go take a picture together at Gwanghwamun or something because 오늘 바보처럼 그 자리에 서 있는 거야 (we were standing there like idiots today)…”

They got the joke immediately and we laughed the whole thing off. We were no doubt really grateful for each other’s company that night so we didn’t feel so miserable about not being able to get tickets to the show.

So yeah, here’s our 인증샷 (proof shot). LOL.

At Gwanghwamun
At Gwanghwamun

오늘 바보처럼 그 자리에 서 있는 거야
비가 내리면 흠뻑젖으며
보지 않는 슈주 기다려
우리 행복했어
슈쇼 가고 봤던 기억에 또 뒤돌아 봐
슈캠프 있을까 봐

I’m really enjoyed myself that night hanging out with my new Ever Lasting Friends. 🙂

PS: I did manage to see Kangin’s dog Chunhyang when I went to the toilet while waiting in the queue!

Kangin's Chunhyang
Kangin’s Chunhyang

It’s not a very good shot I know but Chunghyang is really quite small and very cute!! And now I’m really curious to know how big is Bugsy. Hahahahaha. I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to see and play with Bugsy like I did with Kkoming and Melo.

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