Seoul Adventure: Giving Super Junior Donghae’s Grill5 Taco Place Another Chance

Donghae/Donghwa Girll5 Taco
Donghae/Donghwa Girll5 Taco

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been to Super Junior Donghae’s Grill5 Taco Place. LOL. I’ve pretty much condemned the place so I never went back after my first trip there despite visiting Seoul at least 3 or 4 times in between.

So after the boo-boo that was Super Camp the day before, I brought one of the Thai ELF to Donghae’s Taco Place because she has never been there before and she wanted to go. We decided to go there for lunch and I suggested that we get one “set” to share as the food quality was pretty questionable and if it wasn’t enough, we could always order more later or go somewhere else for more food.

When we arrived at Taco Place, it was full! The queue was almost at the door! Which completely makes sense because it was the ritual of all ELF to go over to any Super Junior establishments just before and/or after a major Super Junior concert/event in Seoul.

However, we didn’t realise how understaffed they were because we were so far back in the queue, it was only about 45 minutes later when we got nearer to the cashier that we realised that there was only 1 guy at the cashier and 2 other people cooking and clearing the trash.

There were 2 more people in the queue before us before they stopped the kitchen to clean up, top up and reset everything for about 10~15 minutes. In that time, HaeMum arrived along with 1 more staff and things got better. They reset everything and started taking orders again. It was beyond an hour in the queue by then.

And just so you know, there wasn’t a lot of improvement in the whole oily/smoky fumes trapped in the interior of the restaurant. It really irritated my nose and aggravated my sensitive nose problem and made me cough even more than before.

Donghae/Donghwa Girll5 Taco
Donghae/Donghwa Girll5 Taco

So ok, after all that, we finally got our food. We ordered the Buffalo Fries, Spicy Pork Tacos and a Coke. The Buffalo Fries is yummy as expected from the previous trip. The tacos were pretty yummy too! Which was a really nice surprise. Hahahaha. Then again, we were really hungry so that could be why we felt that it was really delicious.

Anyway, I approve of the Taco. I’m still not going anywhere near the quesadillas. LOL.

Overall, the experience dining at Grill5 Taco is still meh but a tad better than 2 years ago when I visited them about a month or two into their opening. There’s so much more they can and need to improve on to make the whole dining experience there better.

So here it is again, how to get to Donghae/Donghwa’s Grill5 Taco outlet at Cheongdam-dong. Just go to Apgujeong Rodeo Station and get out of Exit 4 and walk straight. Keep walking straight till you see Burger King, that should be Seolloeng-ro 152 gil (선릉로 152길), turn LEFT and just walk straight. You will be able to see Grill5 Taco on the left side of the street (as you are walking in). Also, there’s a *SJ* on the top of the building name so you know you’re at the right outlet.

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