CN Blue Come Together in Singapore 2016 Post Mortem

CN Blue Come Together in Singapore 2016
CN Blue Come Together in Singapore 2016
CN Blue played a one night only gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night, 13 February 2016 and as usual, they didn’t disappoint.

When the CN Blue concert date was first announced last year, I was a little sad because I knew that I had to work that weekend and there was a pretty good chance that I might not be able to go for this CN Blue concert. I really like CN Blue and I even cut short my trip and changed my flight to come back to Singapore earlier to attend the Can’t Stop Tour back in 2014!

So after everything that I did within my control to make things go smoothly at work, I figured that things were stable enough and I could to go to the CN Blue concert around 3.00 pm. The concert was at 7.00 pm.

As I had known that I might not have been able to attend this CN Blue concert, I didn’t even dare to buy the concert tickets and I had told everyone to go ahead and buy their tickets without me. I’ll just buy whatever that is available at the last minute and regroup with them after the concert or something.

By the time, I sat down inside the stadium at around 7.10 pm, the lights went off and the CN Blue boys came on stage.

Compared to the last 2 concerts, this concert has the most mature sound and while it wasn’t as uptempo and teenybopper-ish as before, the CN Blue boys managed to showcase more of their musicality.

I like CN Blue as musicians and not K-idols. So I was really pleased that they took to the stage as a k-pop/rock band. The boys weren’t as made up and styled like their past concerts it felt more raw and hardcore.

They also had a more mature arrangement for a few of their hits like 외톨이야 (I’m A Loner):

They attempted Singlish and they kinda failed at one point because no one could figure out what they were saying in Hokkien/Singlish. Hahahaha. Yonghwa was like “I’m sorry. Singlish is so difficult.”

While I always appreciate how they try to speak in English and attempt Singlish, it does get annoying when they perform a song in English when there’s a Korean version. Coz most if not all of us get all our Kpop online directly from Korea, so we are usually more familiar with the Korean version. So when the English version is performed, we don’t have a clue what they’re singing and can’t sing along… so the atmosphere would go a bit flat as a result.

So the moral of the story is, don’t perform the English/Chinese/Japanese version here unless it was previously promoted/released officially somewhere! Otherwise, just stick to the Korean version!

Still, all that said, I had a blast watching CN Blue at the Singapore stop of their Come Together World Tour. Like I said, CN Blue never disappoints.

Finally, I apologise to the people sitting in front of me for screaming into their ears throughout the duration of the concert. #notsorry

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