Interview With The NANTA (Cookin’) Cast [May 2016]

NANTA (Cookin') Brown Team
NANTA (Cookin’) Brown Team

NANTA (Cookin’) is coming back to Singapore for 4 shows over 3 days on 3-5 June 2016 at the Resorts Word Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)!

This run of NANTA (Cookin’) features the cast as follows:

Just before they hit town next month, I got the chance to do an email interview with the cast of NANTA (Cookin’) and they’re pretty excited to come back as far as I can tell.

NANTA (Cookin’) is returning to Singapore. Is there anything new in the 2016 show that the audience in Singapore can look forward to?

The contents of NANTA (Cookin’) are essentially the same and “anything new” actually depends on the reaction of the audience. We heard that the Singapore audiences are very enthusiastic and energetic, so we are really excited and believe that the 2016 Singapore NANTA will be one of the most powerful and dynamic performances ever!

What is the most challenging part about performing with knives? Have they ever hurt themselves during a live performance?

As we practice for a long period of time during the training period, we overcome all the challenges then. Thus, NANTA actors do not easily get hurt during shows. Yet, just like people get paper cuts in daily lives, we sometimes do get minor cuts as well. Usually a Band-Aid is all we need.

Any special knife handling tips to share?

Never lose your concentration. In addition to being careful, we believe that continuous focus and concentration is equally important when it comes to handling knives.

Since they are “chefs”, who is the best cook and what is the dish they can cook best?

Although we are chefs in the performance, we are not real professional chefs. However, we all enjoy to cook. It would be hard to choose the best cook because we all actually cook quite well.

The following are our specialties.

Tae Wan Kim: Kimchi stew and spicy seasoned pork
Chang Hwan Ko: Kimchi pork stew
Hye Jin Yun: Doenjang (bean paste) stew and kimchi stew
Ho Yeoul Sul: Steamed kimchi and pork
Dong Hoon Nam: Actually, I’m not a very good cook (haha). I would say Ramen (instant noodles) is my specialty.

Finally, what do they look forward to see/do when coming to Singapore?

Of course, that would be the audience. We really want to share our energy and interact with the audience through NANTA.

We also heard that food is very delicious! As chefs we are really looking forward to tasting the delicious Singapore specialties. We are planning to ask the local staff members for recommendations and “must-eats” in Singapore.

NANTA (Cookin’) will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 3 – 5 June 2016.

Tickets are priced at $138 (Premium), $118, $98 and $68. There are also some restricted view seats going at $48 too but I’m recommending that you get restricted view tickets only as a last resort.

All prices are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $4 SISTIC fee.

Click here to check the exact show times and grab your tickets to NANTA (Cookin’).

Just so you know, there’s a 30% package deal if you buy tickets to both NANTA (Cookin’) and Painters: HERO. Check the official SISTIC event pages for more details on the discount package.

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