CN Blue World Tour: Blue Moon in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

The CN Blue concert has totally confirmed what I thought about them: they are a legit rock & roll band. If you think that they are a fluffy pop boy band because they are lumped into Kpop, you are grossly misinformed.

Blue Moon in Singapore
Blue Moon in Singapore

I’ll tell you right now that CN Blue’s management is very smart to lump them into Kpop because they are are 4 young and pretty good looking guys who play very sensible (and mostly) radio friendly rock songs so they can easily ride on the Hallyu Wave that is taking over the world right now.

You have to watch CN Blue live to realise that you’re not watching a boy band but the makings of a rock band who will probably have a long career ahead of them. CN Blue can and will survive the Hallyu Wave if they build a large enough fan base now based on the merit of Yonghwa’s song writing skills. [If you don’t know, Yonghwa writes most of CN Blue’s songs… including the English ones.]

I’m not just saying this because I’m Yonghwa-biased but that guy is seriously talented albeit not very good live vocals. However, who cares right? Besides, most of the time, the audience are doing the singing for him so it really doesn’t matter if he doesn’t sing that well live.

I also love how the guys of CN Blue spoke with their limited English throughout the whole concert. LOL. It was really funny and endearing to see them trying. The boys of CN Blue know that their English is crap and they laugh at themselves (and the audience laugh at them) sometimes when they say something but that’s what makes you root for them.

At one point, CN Blue felt that the audience wasn’t screaming loud enough and Jungshin was saying “If you guys don’t scream louder, we will go back to Korea” in Korean. When the audience answered him, he looked quite surprised that people actually understood Korean. Then Yonghwa started speaking in simple Korean as well. (I know it is simple because I can understand it. Hahaha.) And by the way, there was no translator at the concert.

And speaking of Jungshin, that guy is like the resident clown. Lol. He is the bassist and the guy who starts saying random stuff every time there is a break between songs. It was also funny how Yonghwa always interrupts Jungshin only to tell him that he wants to walk out to the extended stage like he was asking for permission. LOL… very interesting.

Musically, they are very tight as a band. I have no complains at all. Yonghwa’s voice is a little limited at the higher range when he sings live. He does go out of tune sometimes and he definitely gets flat at the higher notes… but like I said, who cares?

Jonghyun is one helluva guitarist as well. (I tend to look at guitarists because I do play a bit of guitar.) He definitely has some skills! I won’t comment on Jungshin’s and Minhyuk’s skills since I know shit about bass and drumming. 🙂

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed myself a lot at the 2 hour and 15 minutes (7.10 pm – 9.25 pm) concert and will gladly do it all over again. Any time. Might even consider to go watch it in Seoul for their next tour or something (anyone?).

Here’s the set List for the CN Blue World Tour: Blue Moon Singapore date:

  1. Opening video
  2. Where You Are (English)
  3. Get Away
  4. One Time
  5. Self-intro
  6. 나란 남자 (A Man Like Me)
  7. Coffee Shop
  8. Have a Good Night
  9. Wake Up << look out for the lyrics video on the screen. They spelt “Bon Jovi” in the lyrics as “Bon Jobi”. LOL!!
  10. Ment << While talking, Yonghwa suddenly asked the audience if his hair is ok. LOL!!!
  11. 사랑 빛 (Love Light)
  12. Feeling (English) << this songs starts with Yonghwa solo on the keyboard. After the first verse + chorus, the full band comes in. Very lovely.
  13. Y, Why
  14. ment <<< there were talking about how they had English names. I have no idea what they said coz their English diction wasn’t very good. LOL… but it was very funny all the same. 🙂
  15. 라라라 (La La La)
  16. Just Please
  17. Tattoo
  18. In My Head
  19. 직감 (Intuition)
  20. 외톨이야 (I’m A Loner) << everyone goes MAD here.
  21. I’m Sorry
  22. ENCORE: video
  23. ENCORE: Hey You
  24. ENCORE: Love Girl
  25. ENCORE: 넌 내게 반했어 (You’ve Fallen For Me)
  27. ENCORE: Try Again, Smile Again (English)
  28. ENCORE: I’m Sorry (audio) as they walk around the stage to bow

I think I got all of it but might have missed something… do let me know if I’ve missed something. Thanks.

Here are the decent photos that I have. I didn’t take many photos and I was a little far away to get good pics. Still, here they are:

11 thoughts on “CN Blue World Tour: Blue Moon in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

  1. Thanks for sharing and I agree that they are a legit rock band having watched them live 4 times now. Sounds like YH’s vocals were not up to form during this concert – his vocals were absolutely spot on in LA and Blue Night in Seoul, but not the best in London (those were the concerts I’d attended).

    If you can get tickets to the Seoul concert, you should definitely try to make it, it’s a different vibe as they are completely relaxed at home and do a whole lot more ad-libbing.

    1. whoa… you are one hardcore and lucky BOICE to have watched them in seoul, london and LA!!

      i’d love to watch them in seoul but i just went earlier this year for super show 5 so i doubt i’ll be able to go again for their seoul date in this blue moon tour.

      also, unfortunately, my korean is crap so even if they adlib, i won’t understand… T.T gotta study harder. 🙂

      1. more lucky… I did a lot of travel last year and they seemed to have planned their tour dates around my schedule…LOL

        I don’t understand korean too, but the ad libs were more musical ad libs.. like YH breaking into Gangnam Style on the guitar, Jong Hyun singing Illa Illa, Yong Hwa’s improv by adding a whole new melody line on his guitar during Thank You (making it jazzy almost) and YFFM…. it was such a treat for a music lover like me! I hope they get more comfortable and start doing that in their other tours too.

        That’s what I love about this band. They keep surprising me with each live performance, and keep releasing all this great music that I always NEED to go for their next concert… ^^

      2. damn you ARE lucky! ^^

        oh yeah! the musical adlibs… like how yonghwa improvised and made up the words in english as he goes… and then he got stuck coz his vocabulary was limited. lol… i can fangirl about this forever… hahaha

  2. hahah yes apart from the very solid rock music, I am highly entertained by them trying to talk the fans in English! I also LOL when yonghwa asked if his hairstyle is ok, when we all know that it is very messy from all the perspiration hahaha. I would love to see them again!!!

  3. I was at the concert and my friend and I thought that YH and JH’s voices on that night were solid. Yes they may sound a little strained at the higher registers but I thought they were still spot on. Considering that YH sang hard for 2 solid hours without any real break, I’d say he was in good form and any lesser mortals would not sound as good as him live.

  4. Hi, you’ve got very nice pics during the concert. May I ask what camera did you used? Thank you ^^

      1. i see, thanks! out of the topic but is there anything that is restricted or prohibited from bringing in? i’m going to their concert in malaysia soon 🙂

      2. well apart from the usual no weapons and firearms, there really isn’t anything special they restrict. i’m not sure about how strictly they enforce the photo policies in malaysia though…. it’s always about trying your luck and be careful. other than that, just have fun! 🙂

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