Watching M! Countdown Live As A Studio Audience

A trip to Seoul is never complete without trying to watch one of them music countdown chart shows live as an audience in the studio. 🙂

Since I bumped into my MAP6 boys, I decided to try to watch them perform live in closer proximity ahead of the Suwon Kpop Super Concert where they were also performing.

Compared to the last time I watched MTV The Show live as a studio audience, the entry into M! Countdown was pretty challenging. It depends on the fandom I guess. The Bigstar fandom was pretty cool and more open to international fans who struggle with the whole fan café concept but going by their regular criteria, if you can’t read or speak some Korean or if you don’t have anyone who can help you, you can pretty much forget about even trying.

MAP6 Check-in Card
MAP6 Check-in Card

It’s really some kind of fate I must have with MAP6, I managed to overcome all the challenges to get into the audience with the MAP6 fandom for the live show of M! Countdown which broadcast on 16 June 2016.

The M! Countdown studio at CJ E&M is much larger than the SBS one for MTV The Show and can fit way more fans; which was a good thing. There wasn’t so much movement in the crowd as well; I don’t know if it was because EXO was due to make an appearance on stage as well and majority of the people in the crowd were EXO-L.

For artists who have pre-recorded their parts earlier, they would still come up on stage to pretend to perform or just mess around on stage like 2AM’s Jinwoon who took a selfie.

I see myself. LMAO.

Back to the story, when EXO tried to come on stage when their pre-recorded performance was aired, only D.O. or Chen (I forgot) made it on stage and EXO-Ls surged forward and the EXO boys quickly went backstage as security yelled at fans to take a step back. They are such a nightmare to security and logistics.

And interestingly, throughout the live broadcast there were quite a number of fans who left while we’re still on-air! It’s like after they’ve seen their favourite artist, they’re happy to leave. Either that or they were just trying to get away from EXO-Ls like us. LOL. We were walking out of the studio at the very moment they announced EXO-L as the #1 winner. I did notice, as I was leaving, that none of the EXO boys looked like they were genuinely happy when they won. It’s quite sad come to think of it, how they are at the top of the game and yet miserable. It’s not worth it.

As we walked out of the studio, we saw the MAP6 boys walking to somewhere from the corridors outside the studio! And while we were deciding where to go after M!Count, we decided to go pee before leaving the place and before we made it to the toilet, we saw the MAP6 boys walking in the lobby! So I waved to them and promptly got kicked out by security. Boo. LOL.

Really. What timing right?

It was a really fun experience overall and I’d do it all over again if there was someone I like in the line up. Hahaha.

Check out all the performances on EP 479 of M! Countdown on 16 June 2016. 🙂

I am really proud of my MAP6 boys’ performance. Really, really, really proud of the strides they have made.

4 thoughts on “Watching M! Countdown Live As A Studio Audience

  1. Hi! We’re planning to watch M! Countdown too this September. Is it true that you have to fall in line for tickets even before the sun rises?

    1. No. You need to register in advance for the official tour or enter via registering on the fan club (daum café). The entry requirements differs per group.

    1. The one I went for is via fanclub and it is free.

      You need to go to the website (kr only) to register.

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