Suwon Kpop Super Concert 2016 Post Mortem

The Suwon Kpop Super Concert on 17 & 18 June 2016 was the real reason why I went to Seoul recently, not MAP6; even though I kept seeing them over the 5 days I was there (which I am totally not complaining about).

My friend wanted to go see U-Kiss at the Suwon Kpop Super Concert and she talked me into going with her to Seoul; which wasn’t hard because I’m usually game to go to Seoul. I just needed an agenda. LOL. It was a great decision to go with her because I got to see my MAP6 boys whom I have missed quite a lot.

Suwon Kpop Super Concert 2016
Suwon Kpop Super Concert 2016

This concert was outside Seoul so it was quite an interesting experience overall. The stadium was pretty small and even at the nosebleeds, it wasn’t too bad to be honest. We bought the ₩5,000 seats at first and when we found out that the seats on the ground started selling for ₩20,000, we promptly cancelled our ₩5,000 seats and bought new ones. LOL.

Initially, when we bought the tickets, it was for my friend to watch U-Kiss on Day 1. I decided that I will check out Ailee, TWICE and Seventeen on Day 1. For Day 2, we decided to go for the heck of it because the tickets was just ₩5,000. However, along the way, U-Kiss got added to Day 2 as well and then just a few days before the concert, I found out that MAP6 was added to Day 2 as well! LOL. Turning my whole trip  to become about MAP6.

Anyway, being on the ground seats had its perks to be honest. On Day 1, there weren’t as many fans as Day 2 (coz of EXO) so when the music started, everyone started changing seats to get closer to the stage. We moved as well and got a pretty decent view on Day 1. Hahaha. It was free for all to be honest. No one complained about how someone are in their seat if they were late; which is highly unusual to me. I don’t believe it was normal but whatever man. Everyone was happy.

Over the 2 days, I’d say that the standout performances for me had to be MAP6, TWICE, Seventeen, Ailee, KNK, Astro and Mamamoo.

TWICE is great! The truth is, I think “Cheer Up” is quite a stupid song but hey, when TWICE performed “Cheer Up”, I joined in the fun and did the “Cheer Up” dance along with everyone else in the crowd Hahaha.

When Seventeen performed “만세 (Man Se)”, it was too much fun! 만세 o 만세 /o/ 만세 o YEAH o/

Ailee @ Suwon Kpop Super Concert 2016
Ailee @ Suwon Kpop Super Concert 2016

Ailee was very bit awesome as I expected. She is really, really good!! When she performed a cover of Ariana Grande’s Problem, I was shocked!! For once, I got to hear great enunciation of the lyrics!!

Mamamoo is very bit the vocal group that everyone says they are. They’re really good and fun live!

Among all of them who performed at the Suwon concert, I must say that I was most hooked on KNK’s “Back Again”.

The hook in the chorus was just so damn catchy!

And then there’s Astro. LOL.

I must say that when I was at the concert, I had absolutely no idea who these guys were and I found their style to be kinda childish. Fast forward 2 weeks later, I’m now quite obsessed with them. Haha. Someone said to me on Twitter, “do not judge a group by their level of cuteness.” I came back to YouTube these guys and I found them to be not as “kiddy” as I thought and the rest, they say, is history.

The 2 day concert was really fun but going back to Seoul wasn’t. The mad rush to get onto the bus was insane!! I literally had to shove/push/elbow to get myself on the bus. No kidding. It’s either that or be shoved/pushed/elbowed and never make it on the bus back to Seoul. If you think the rush after a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium/National Stadium is crazy, you have seen nothing.

Anyway, all is good in the end. Good fun and I’d do it again if I the stars are aligned.

Finally, here are some photos which I took at the Suwon concert over the 2 days. Enjoy!

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