Charlie Puth “Nine Track Mind” Tour in Singapore 2016 Post Mortem

Charlie Puth "Nine Track Mind" Tour Singapore 2016
Charlie Puth “Nine Track Mind” Tour Singapore 2016

Amazingly, the Charlie Puth concert last night on 10 August 2016 at the Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa, is only my 3rd concert in Singapore this year. First being The Vamps and the second one is Madonna.

I have been really busy at work so I only arrived at the concert venue just as Inch Chua was walking off stage at about 8.00 pm. I has also forgotten to bring my camera and hence the lack of decent photos to supplement the blog post.

Charlie Puth’s 12 songs, 1 hour concert was short but so damn fun and worth it!! There was no doubt of Charlie Puth’s talent when he took to the stage and started the show at around 8.20 pm.

Set list:

  1. Marvin Gaye
  2. Dangerously
  3. Some Type Of Love
  4. Losing My Mind
  5. Left Right Left
  6. My Gospel
  7. Up All Night
  8. Then There’s You
  9. We Don’t Talk Anymore
  10. Suffer
  11. One Call Away
  12. ENCORE: See You Again

When Charlie Puth was on stage, he came across to me like a combination of Bruno Mars and Peter Cincotti. His piano playing style also kinda reminded me of Lady Gaga but he had way more jazz improvs (which is incredibly hard to pick up).

Those are huge comparisons I know but that is also how talented he is. Check out some of my instavids:

If he doesn’t screw up/get embroiled in some scandal along the way, with a bit more time and perseverance, he will join the ranks of Bruno Mars/Jason Mraz. I can just see it.

I was also quite surprised with the average age of the audience; they were a lot older than I expected. Most of the audience was the working crowd and there were a lot lesser screaming teenage girls and fanboys than I had anticipated.

Charlie Puth introduced “One Call Away” as the last song and everyone was like “NOOOO!!! ONE MORE! ONE MORE! ONE MORE!”. The funniest part was how Charlie Puth responded by saying something like, “I would love to do more songs but I only have one album… I need more material.”  LOL.

I would watch Charlie Puth in concert again. No doubt about that. So damn good!

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