U-Kiss Japan Best Live Tour 2016 5th Anniversary Special Post Mortem

U-Kiss did a special “U-Kiss Japan Best Live Tour 2016” concert tour on 25 & 26 November 2016 at Hachioji Olympus Hall, Tokyo to celebrate their 5th anniversary since their debut in Japan. Being a massive fan, I had to attend this; I would not miss this for the world!

U-Kiss Japan Best Live 2016
U-Kiss Japan Best Live 2016

Since I flew all the way to Tokyo for this, I had to attend all 4 concerts right? And even though there were 2 concerts in a day over the 2 days, every concert felt different and the entire experience was an emotional roller coaster ride for me.

U-Kiss Japan Best Live 2016
U-Kiss Japan Best Live 2016

The highlight of the concert on the 25th was Kevin’s birthday celebration!

U-Kiss Japan Best Live 2016
U-Kiss Japan Best Live 2016

When I entered the venue, there was a piece of paper on every seat for a “birthday surprise” event for Kevin. We had to be very careful to make sure that Kevin doesn’t see it so that it was a complete surprise for him. As I could not read Japanese, I just took my cues from the other fans and raised the banner when everyone else did. This event was really special for me since it’s the first time I got to celebrate a member of U-Kiss’ birthday with all the KissMes.

Personally, I love the set list for this tour because I finally got to watch the boys perform “Not Young” live!! It reminded me of the time when I started my journey as a KissMe and how far I’ve come since then.

However, Jun was clearly quite embarrassed by that throwback and really trying very hard not to laugh throughout the entire performance. His face was literally glowing red the entire time! LOL! It’s so KAWAII!!

U-Kiss also did the PPAP and it was hilarious! Kevin’s version had to be the most epic because I was dying of laughter when it was his turn. This is a side of Kevin that I barely see so yeah, WELL DONE!! I love you guys so much!!

The U-Kiss Japan Best Live Tour 2016 is supported by CHIC, a hover board maker, and their hover boards were featured in U-Kiss’ recent mv Panic! U-Kiss sure made dancing on hover boards look so damn easy. They nailed the live performance of Panic with the hover board. So cool!

During the song “Action”, U-Kiss went into the audience and hi-fived fans along the way. There was this mini-platform for them to stand on to lead the fans in the dance and throw out some gift. I wasn’t anywhere near the off-stage walkway in the first 3 concerts but as luck would have it, I was pushed and in the human surge, I managed to get a hi-five from everyone except SooHyun oppa. DAMN.

Yet, as fate would have it, on the last concert, I was in the 7th row right beside the walkway and to top it off, one of the mini-platforms was placed right beside me!! jsdfkljjfsfjkl!!! I finally managed to hi-five my SooHyun oppa as he walked by. The best is always saved for the last as they say.

Kiseop was the first one to go up to the mini-platform beside me. As he hi-fived the fans, our eyes met and he gave me the sweetest smile and squeezed my hand before he moved on. This is the first time I stared right into his eyes and the effect he had on me should be made illegal. How dare he look so flawless?!

I got all excited as Kevin came over and I didn’t think that he would see me because he was hi-fiving all the fans behind me but when he saw me, his eyes lit up! And as we hi-fived, he interlocked our fingers on both hands and squeezed them. He smiled and waved before leaving. My heart was pounding. What was this feeling?!

U-Kiss then slowed things down a notch to sing the ballads. I’m not one to get emotional but when they performed “Dear My Friend”, I cried… at all 4 concerts. As a KissMe, I’ve stuck with U-Kiss through all the ups and downs and it was hard not to get emotional at the thought that we’ve have made through it all. I do not know what the future holds but I have no doubt that I’ll be right there with the U-Kiss boys as we move forward. Together.

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  1. Omggg you are soo lucky i envy you soo much haha^^ they are numero uno in my bias list i love themmm sooo much! I really enjoyed your overview of the concert since I felt like u truly liked them unlike some who say really mean things but its OK! ( see what I did there? Ok one of their songs><)ok well thanks for the awesome review ^°^

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