U-Kiss Hand-Shake Event in Hachioji Tokyo 2016 Post Mortem

This is probably something that is unique to concerts in Japan; there is usually a hi-touch or handshake event after the evening concerts.

I didn’t managed to get a ticket to the handshake event on the 25th November. I was mentally prepared to not be able to see them U-Kiss boys up-close during this trip but it must be fate because I managed to score a ticket for the handshake event for the 26th November!

Even though I have met the boys so many times, I still get butterflies in my stomach. As I was standing in the queue, I kept repeating to myself that I have to wish Kevin a happy belated birthday and not be distracted by Jun.

U-Kiss was standing in this order as we approached them: Jun, Kevin, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon & SooHyun.

When it was my turn, I shook Jun’s hand really quickly and immediately focused my gaze on Kevin. Sorry Jun!

Kevin was really excited and I’m pretty sure that he did not hear me wishing him him a belated birthday because he was going on about how he saw me in the crowd during the concert. He just kept talking even when I was pushed towards Kiseop. LOL. It was quite funny how I was still having a conversation with Kevin even when Kiseop was holding my hand.

When I was shoved towards Eli, Kiseop was still holding my hand. LOL. When I looked at Eli, I got this feeling of deja vu and I couldn’t help but giggle as the memories from the previous hi-touch session during the One Shot Tour flashed in my head.

So I had to right? I turned towards Kiseop and went, “기섭이 섹시하다! (Kiseop, you’re so sexy!)” Haha. Kiseop’s eyes lit up and he flashed a killer grin at me. And just like before, Eli was like, “wooooaaaahhhh!!!” though he made sure not to be so loud this time. Hahahahahaha!!!

I was still giggling when I finally shook Eli’s hand. “Hey Eli, you were awesome back there!” I exclaimed. Eli regain his composure as he replied, “Well, thank you. It’s nice to see you again.”

When I moved to Hoon, Soohyun oppa was already done with the fan before me so he was standing there looking at me. Feeling cheeky, I couldn’t resist myself so I looked at Soohyun oppa blankly and gave Hoon the biggest smile and leaner closer to him as I whispered, “훈이, 멋있어요! (Hoon! You’re so cool!)”

Hoon was surprised. He turned to look at Soohyun and then he looked back at me while whispering back, “멋있어? (I am cool?)” as if to confirm that he had heard right.

I looked at Soohyun oppa once again, turned back to Hoon and nodded to confirm that I said he was cool, fully aware that Soohyun oppa can see and hear everything we were saying.

Hoon cleared his throat, glanced quickly at Soohyun before saying, “감사합니다. (Thank you.)” LOL. So formal.

I love how Soohyun oppa appeared so confident throughout the entire exchange I had with Hoon. It was almost as if he knew that I was just messing with him and that he is the one that I most look forward to seeing.

However, when I was in front of Soohyun oppa, I was tongue-tied. As he held my hand and looked into my eyes, it felt that the world just stopped for a while just then. I wasn’t rushed/shoved this time so I took my time to study his features properly in such proximity. He sure is handsome. “Soohyun oppa…”, was all I could muster up when I finally could say anything. And that was actually all I said and Soohyun just nodded. There were no other words but yet it felt like so much has been said.

As always, I’m really thankful to be given the chance to meet the U-Kiss boys again during this trip. I don’t know when the next time will be but till then.

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