14U Loudi Press Conference in Jakarta 2018 Post Mortem

14U Loudi Press Conference Jakarta 2018
14U Loudi Press Conference Jakarta 2018

Loudi of Kpop rookie group 14U recently returned back to Indonesia for the first time in about 3 years despite the 14U Indonesia tour being postponed to July 2018. The 14U Indonesia tour would have seen 14U meeting their fans in Jakarta, Bandung and Bali for a concert and fan meet.

Even though 14U had to reschedule their appearance at the Korea Spring Festival, Loudi still came to Indonesia for the event and we managed to catch him at the press conference on 12 May 2018 at the CGV Aeon Mall in Jakarta Garden City.

14U Loudi Press Conference Jakarta 2018
14U Loudi Press Conference Jakarta 2018

During the press conference, Loudi shared a few tips to any fellow Indonesians who dreams of being an idol. He shared that one should always be constantly practicing and preparing so that when there is an opportunity, one would be ready to grab it. If you are working towards the dream of being an idol, keep working hard and do not give up! Fighting!

Loudi love for food is evident as you can see how his face lit up when he was asked about his favourite food from Indonesia. We also found out that Loudi can cook! He enjoys cooking cheese-based food as much as he loves eating them. He also mentioned during the press conference that he loves to bake as well!

You can check out the full cut of 14U Loudi’s press conference here:

Catch all the members of 14U when they perform on 28 July 2018 in Jakarta at the rescheduled concert! Follow Radiansyah Entertainment on their official Instagram account for the latest updates on the 14U concert in Jakarta!


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