U-Kiss Kiseop and Hoon Train / Milk Tea Promo in Japan 2018 Post Mortem

U-Kiss Kiseop & Hoon in Japan 2018
U-Kiss Kiseop & Hoon in Japan 2018

I found out that my U-Kiss boys, Kiseop and Hoon were having a mini live and hi-touch at Aeon Mall Zama on 24 June 2018 to promo their 1st single “Train / Milk Tea”. Aeon Mall Zama is in the Kanagawa Prefecture and about 2 hours away from Metropolitan Tokyo. The mini live and hi-touch starts at 5.30 pm and my flight back to Singapore is that very same night. LOL. I knew that there was a risk of me not being able to make it to the airport on time but it’s U-Kiss!! I just had to take the chance!!

U-Kiss Kiseop & Hoon in Japan 2018
U-Kiss Kiseop & Hoon in Japan 2018

I arrived at the venue just before the event started. I must have looked very confused and lost then as a lovely Japanese KissMe helped direct me to where to get tickets to the hi-touch. LOL. I ended up buying 3 albums, which came along with the hi-touch tickets.

U-Kiss Kiseop & Hoon in Japan 2018
U-Kiss Kiseop & Hoon in Japan 2018

So with the albums and hi-touch tickets sorted, I went to find a spot to stand and guess what?! It’s where Kiseop would be! LOL! I really like his pink hair and he looks so sexy as always.

The U-Kiss boys were really laid back and enjoying themselves while performing the song on their single “Train” and “Milk Tea”. In fact, at some point, I felt like they were just entertaining each other and having fun by themselves. Regardless, their interactions made me smile.

Immediately after their performance was the hi-touch session. My heart was pounding so rapidly while I waited for my turn in line. If I remembered right, it’s been more than a year since I last saw them. Still feels like I’m seeing them for the first time.

When it was my turn, I’m still so weak for Kiseop. He greeted me excitedly as he said, “Hello! I am pink boy Kiseop!”

“OMG! Pink Boy! I love your hair! You look so sexy!” I blurted out inadvertently.

Kiseop then replied saying, “Yesseu! Pinkeu pinkeu sexy!” I was wearing pink as well so Kiseop pointed at me and continued, “Pinkeu pinkeu same! Sexy!”

Oh my god. Kiseop is absolutely adorable!

When I went to Hoon, I said, “Hoon!! It’s been a long time! I am sorry that I can’t stay in Japan to support Kiseop and you for this album promotions. I need to go back to Singapore tonight. All the best for the rest of the promotions!”

As soon I said that, Hoon grabbed by hands so tightly as he said, “가… 가지 마아아아아 (don’t go!)”

The staff started to pull me away so I told them both, “사랑해 (love you both)! Till we meet again!”

Hoon was still being all drama and going, “사랑해 (I love you)! 가지 마아아아아 (don’t go!)”

LOL! I like. Hahaha. Don’t tell Soohyun about this.

This is why I love U-Kiss. It’s always so fun to meet and interact with the members; any of them.

And I did almost missed my flight back to Singapore but it was worth the risk. I’d still make the same decision if I was presented with the same option again.

Finally, check out is Kiseop and Hoon’s 1st single “Train & Milk Tea” here:

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