Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands Premium Outlets and Genting Highlands 2018

I finally sort out all my computer problems to post this.

After the Astroad Starlight concert in Seoul, I flew back to Singapore the next day. And 2 days later, I boarded a coach to Kuala Lumpur. I would stay in Kuala Lumpur for nights days before heading up to Genting Highlands for another 2 nights.

As I was sick since the Psy “All Night Stand” concert, I was so out of in in Kuala Lumpur to be honest. I booked the trip to KL & Genting before I booked the flight to Seoul. I would have loved to stay a bit longer in Seoul but I wasn’t able to because I had to get to KL & Genting on 27 December 2018.

Anyway, due to the favourable exchange rate between Singapore and Malaysia, I booked myself into Aloft KL Sentral. I like this property a lot for the location and modern room decor. And I’m pretty sure I maximised the value of the hotel room and bed at the rate I was sleeping then. It was definitely a very nice hotel and bed to sleep in while nursing a cold.

Getting from KL Sentral to Genting Highlands

Anyway, in basement 3 of Aloft KL Sentral you can find the bus that goes up to Genting Awana/Premium Outlet. The bus ticket also include the ticket to the cable car to complete the journey to Genting Highlands. You can buy the tickets a few days in advance or just try your luck on the day itself.

Bus Schedule to Genting Highlands from KL Sentral
Bus Schedule to Genting Highlands from KL Sentral

The bus up to Genting is actually a tourist coach so you can put your trolley/larger luggage in the storage compartment of the coach. However, take note that the cable car/Awana Skyway only allows luggage of about airplane cabin sized bags.

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

After about 1 hour on the coach, we arrived at the Awana Skyway station, which is also where the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets are located. It’s been many years since I’ve been to Genting and the Premium Outlets was definitely not opened the last time I went.

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets
Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

We realised that since we could not check into the hotel in Genting yet, we decided to take a walk around the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets first since we’ve never been there before.

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets
Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

Since it was a Saturday, needless to say, there were shitloads of people. I was sick so I wasn’t particularly interested in anything. That said, since the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets was midway up the mountain, it was definitely very nice and cooling.

I usually don’t like going up to Genting Highlands coz I get bored and neither do I particularly like going to the casino. However, they renovated and opened a few more new spaces. However, since I was sick on this recent trip, I didn’t get to properly explore and enjoy the newly opened space. That said, for once in a long while, I wouldn’t mind to head over there again.

The queue for the skyway is insanely long when I was there and we were in the queue for at least 30 minutes before we managed to board the cable car. So bear that in mind when you time your trip.

Genting Highlands

Once again, because I was sick, I messed up the Grasshopper concert date and we almost missed the concert! The horror.

Anyway, Genting Highlands has been renovated and it has changed a lot since the last time I went there. There is now a new shopping complex called Sky Avenue which makes all the hotel properties on Genting Highlands very easily accessible to each other now.

Sky Avenue is where the London joint Burger & Lobsters is located. However, the queue is insanely long so I just skipped the place. I can have that when I go to London in June 2019; so no need to join the queue.

There is also an al fresco part of Sky Avenue with some eateries. Honestly, I would have loved to dine there in the cool outdoors but yes, sucks that I was sick so I was banned from doing that.

Anyway, not many photos coz I wasn’t in the mood. That said, I would recommend a trip to Genting Highlands if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway to escape the heat.

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