14U Fansign in Seoul 2018 Post Mortem

14U had a fansign event in Seoul on 9 December 2018 in support of their 3rd single “Compass”. I was in Seoul then so I decided to try my luck at scoring a spot for the fansign.

Scoring a spot for a fansign in South Korea is an extremely nerve-wrecking experience. It works on the basis of a lottery system and you have to buy an album (or 1,000) at a specific outlet during a specific period for a chance in the lottery. The results of the lottery is only announced the night before the fansign.

However, unfortunately for me, the results of the 14U fansign wasn’t posted on the website at 10 pm KST as specified. Did the staff forgot to post the results and went to bed? All kinds of scenarios and reasons why the results are not posted online at said time was driving me insane. I fell asleep while refreshing the website for the 14U fansign lottery results.

I woke up the next day to messages from my friends telling me that I did get into the fansign!! Whoo hoo!!

The fansign venue was at TCC Art Hall and upon arrival, I had to draw lots to determine my seat.

14U Fansign @ Seoul
14U Fansign @ Seoul

Luckily for me, my seat is on the side where Hyunwoong is! I was super excited at the thought of being to meet the 14U boys again after 6 long months. The seating arrangement that day (L-R) was: Hero, WooJoo, Hyunwoong, Sejin, Loudi, Dohyuk, Esol, Luha, BS, Rio, Gyeongtae, Eunjae and Gohyeon.

When it was my turn to go on stage, I sat in front of Hero and immediately, he greeted me and said it’s been a long time since we last met. He asked me where did I go and how have I been. It was super sweet of him to ask. And I’ve also always had a soft spot for Hero.

The moment I sat in front of Woojoo, we started talking about @bie_vin. It’s funny because he said that he misses @bie_vin but when I asked if he missed me, he looked over to Hyunwoong and did not want to answer the question. Hahahaha.

14U Fansign @ Seoul
14U Fansign @ Seoul

I was super keen to see Hyunwoong again after 6 months. However, when he took my hand, I was a complete mess.

Me: Hyunwoong, can I be your princess?
HW: Of course! You are always Hyunwoong’s princess.

I actually did not hear the rest of what he said. Hahaha. Coz I was still trying to digest the part where he said I was always his princess.

14U Fansign @ Seoul
14U Fansign @ Seoul

I squealed when I moved over to sit in front of Sejin. Hyunwoong turned over for a look. I actually do not like it when both Hyunwoong and Sejin sit beside each other. It’s just so awkward (for me)!!

Me: Sejin!!
SJ: Emily! It’s been so long! I miss you!

Brain also stopped registering everything else that Sejin said after “I miss you!” LOL

There is never enough time to talk to Loudi just because there is always so much to talk about! I wish I could have a bit more time to chat with him. The moment he saw me, he said, “Hey! So, you are back… and you changed your hair colour! I really love your outfit today! You look so cute!”

I really love how observant Loudi is and I was wearing one of my favourite outfits that day and Loudi’s compliment made my day. However, I was totally caught off guard by what Loudi said next.

Loudi: I though you said never again in winter…
Me: OMG! Do not finish that sentence!
Loudi: *laugh* You’re here and it’s winter!

It was so embarrassing to be called out by Loudi because when I went to the 14U MakeStar event back in January 2018. I was sick and feeling miserable back then so I whined to Loudi that I’ll never be in Seoul again in winter. Look at me now.

14U Fansign @ Seoul
14U Fansign @ Seoul

Anyway, I greeted the rest of the members and moved along without much drama. The last member at the table was Gohyeon. I had memorised and rehearsed what I wanted to say to him and I was pretty excited to see how he would react.

Me: 고현아, 너무 섹시하다. 우리 결혼하자! (translation: Gohyeon, you are so sexy! Marry me!)
Gohyeon: Alright, let’s go. Anytime, anywhere in my life. Let’s do it!

Then he started to serenade me with a song. LOL.

Me: Gohyeon, I really love you!

Gohyeon stopped singing and shook his head. He told me that I don’t really love him. He pointed to Hyunwoong and that I love that member and not him. LOL.

Me: Can I just love you tonight then? Just one night?
GH: But that member…
Me: We can just keep it a secret… just for tonight.
GH: *looks at Hyunwoong and then placed a finger on his lips while he whispered* Ok, just for tonight. Let’s keep it a secret ok?

We then sealed the deal with a pinky promise. LOL.

I love messing with the 14U boys so much.

It’s really nice to see the 14U boys again. And as always, I’m looking forward for the next opportunity to be able to see them again.

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