14U N.E.W.S (Compass) Fansign in Seoul 2018 Post Mortem

There was another 14U fansign on 21 December 2019 at Mullae Youth Centre (문래청소년수련관), a day before I was due to fly back to Singapore. It would be a while before I would see the 14U boys again in Seoul or Japan so I had to try to get myself into the fansign event right?

The fact that I am making this blog post is obvious that I got into the fansign event. Like the previous 14U fansign, our seats are determined by a lottery at the door. However, when I saw that I got “1”, ie the first to go on stage, I started freaking out.

I’ve been to many fansigns of kpop groups and no matter how nervous I was, I managed to keep my composure. However, I’ve never been first in line before so I was all jittery and I kept dropping everything on the floor. Hahaha. Hyunwoong made things worse by saying “hi” to me as he walked into the room. I dropped even more things and even misplaced my mobile phone!

I was such a mess that Loudi signalled to ask me if I was alright and I mouthed back to him that I’m really nervous. As if it wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, I realised that I had misplaced my slip when they called on me to go up onto the stage! OMG.

Anyway, it was all good in the end. The sitting arrangement that day was: Hero, WooJoo, Esol, Eunjae, Luha, Sejin, Loudi, DoHyuk, Gohyeon, Gyeongtae, BS, Rio and Hyunwoong.

Hero 14U @ Mullae Fansign
Hero 14U @ Mullae Fansign

Hero was such a sweetheart. He saw how nervous I was and he tried to help me calm down by asking me to breathe and how my day was. It worked a little but I was still nervous. I had no idea what I did or say to WooJoo, Esol, Eunjae and Luha to be honest. They did most of the talking as I hi-fived each of them.

Sejin 14U @ Mullae Fansign
Sejin 14U @ Mullae Fansign

When I got to Sejin, he called me by my name! “Emily!!”

Me: Hi Sejin!
Sejin: *in English* Emily, so cute today! *starts speaking in Korean*

Clearly, I didn’t understand all that Korean so Sejin turned to Loudi and asked him to act as the translator.

Loudi: Erm… Sejin said that at every single event he never fails to spot you no matter where you are because you are so cute.

I turned back to Sejin and did a bit of aegyo while thanking him. Then I remembered that Loudi was watching so I was blushing like hell after the aegyo. Hahahaha.

Loudi 14U @ Mullae Fansign
Loudi 14U @ Mullae Fansign

Loudi is really sweet as always. We talked a lot as usual and while we were chatting, Dohyuk suddenly interrupted us saying, “Ya… ya… ok.. ok…”

Me: Loudi, I think someone is jealous.
Loudi: *looks at Dohyuk and laughed*
Me: Dohyuk, you are not jealous are you?
Dohyuk: Hhmmm… *nods slightly*
Me: Loudi, I need to go because someone is jealous.

Dohyuk 14U @ Mullae Fansign
Dohyuk 14U @ Mullae Fansign

We both laughed and I moved over to Dohyuk. As I moved over, I said, “Dohyuk, you don’t have to be jealous ok?” He gave me the sweetest smile and nodded.

Dohyuk: Have you eaten?
Me: Yes (actually I have not but I was confused because of his smile)
Dohyuk: So what did you eat?
Me: *panics and blurts* Bread.
Dohyuk: How is that a meal? That’s bread! Next time you have to eat a proper meal otherwise you’ll be hungry!

He is so sweet. And have I ever mentioned how Dohyuk has very nice eyes?

Rio 14U @ Mullae Fansign
Rio 14U @ Mullae Fansign

The moment I sat in front of Rio, Hyunwoong started to do stuff to try to attract my attention. I put my hand up to block Hyunwoong out of my line of sight as I continued to talk to Rio.

Me: Hi Rio! I am a Rio fan!
Me: *ignoring Hyunwoong* Rio, I’m YOUR fan!
Rio: *looks at Hyunwoong and looks back at me*
Hyunwoong: NO. Emily. *pulls Rio aside so that we have eye contact* Emily. Really? Really??? Emily is Rio fan????

I started giggling. Rio caught on and played along.

Rio: *nudged back in to block Hyunwoong* Sorry man. She is my fan. *to me* Emily, only look at me ok?
Me: *nod* ok, I will only look at you.

Then Rio and I laughed and fist bumped. Needless to say, we made sure that Hyunwoong could hear everything. And it was super hilarious.

Hyunwoong 14U @ Mullae Fansign
Hyunwoong 14U @ Mullae Fansign

And when I moved over to Hyunwoong, he was clearly not over the episode with Rio.

Hyunwoong: Emily, are you really a Rio fan?
Me: What do you think?
Hyunwoong: You are Hyunwoong fan!!

I must admit that I have a weak spot for Hyunwoong’s confidence. He was just so sure that he would always be number 1 in my heart. LOL. He asked if I was feeling better and told me to keep warm and not fall sick again. Ok. I caved. I told him that I am going back to Singapore and he should take care of himself too.

Even though I started the fansign being a complete mess but it all ended well. I had a very fun time with the 14U boys and I can’t wait to be able to see them again soon!

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