Seoul Adventure: Dongho Bridge

After seeing my A-Prince boys at WAV for the MusicPlus10 open studio event, needless to say, I was really in a fantastic mood. We decided to sit along Han River for a while to fan girl and spazz for a while over my A-Prince babies after they left. XD Han River really is prettier at night because of the lights. It could just be me … Continue reading Seoul Adventure: Dongho Bridge

Banpo Bridge Fountain Show

How To Get To Banpo Bridge, Seoul

I was looking for places to hang along Han River and I found out that there’s a fountain show that happens every night at Banpo Bridge all year round (I think). The show times varies depending on the season. I was there in time to watch the 8.00 pm (KST) one. The fountain show is about 20 minutes long and pretty for the first time … Continue reading How To Get To Banpo Bridge, Seoul