Interview with Maksim Mrvica

Once again, I’m really thankful to the cool people at Midas Promotions and Universal Music Singapore who squeezed me into one of the roundtable interview sessions with Maksim Mrvica. I’m a huge fan of Maksim and it was only after the concert that it struck me that I should have asked if Maksim was doing any interviews while he was in Singapore. I have so … Continue reading Interview with Maksim Mrvica

SPOTTED: Maksim Mrvica in Singapore 2012

I was about to start blogging about the interview with Maksim earlier today but I realised that I can’t do it (and also, I have a very early start and late finish tomorrow as well). LOL. I am still fangirling over Maksim. So I might as well just get some of the excitement out of my system first. Hehehe. First up, big thanks to the … Continue reading SPOTTED: Maksim Mrvica in Singapore 2012

Maksim Performing in Singapore 2012 Post Mortem

Croatian classical pianist Maksim played another awesome gig at the Esplanade Concert Hall last night. This is his third time performing in Singapore (and this is my fourth time watching him play live). This time around, the concert was a mostly classical crossover edition. Maksim played a few pieces from his latest album “The Movies”. He also played a mixture of classical and crossover pieces … Continue reading Maksim Performing in Singapore 2012 Post Mortem