Maksim Performing in Singapore 2012 Post Mortem

Croatian classical pianist Maksim played another awesome gig at the Esplanade Concert Hall last night. This is his third time performing in Singapore (and this is my fourth time watching him play live).

This time around, the concert was a mostly classical crossover edition. Maksim played a few pieces from his latest album “The Movies”. He also played a mixture of classical and crossover pieces from his previous albums as well.

The 4 times I’ve watched Maksim (3 times in Singapore and 1 time in Genting Highlands), he has always played “Dance of the Baroness” without fail; usually as an encore piece. If I remember right, each performance of the piece was faster than the previous one! (Or at least it feels that way.)

Also, this is the first out of the 4 times I’ve watched him where he didn’t play “Claudine”, another one of my favourite pieces.

Finally, here is the list of songs he played that I can recognize. (I’m trying to get a full setlist off the organizers): (with confirmation from the organizers):

  • Speak Softly Love (Theme from “The Godfather”)
  • Theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean”
  • Secret (Maksim said it was from a Chinese movie. I THINK it is that Jay Chou one.)
  • Habanera
  • Providenza
  • Croatian Rhapsody
  • Somewhere In Time
  • Amelie
  • Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor
  • Aquarium
  • Exodus
  • Nachrach
  • Kolibre
  • Hall of the Mountain King
  • Encore: Dance of the Baroness

He also did an autograph signing session after the concert at the foyer area:

I didn’t join the queue because I have already bought his new album “The Movies” and I didn’t bring it with me to the concert… then again, I’ve met Maksim when he came to Singapore for the first time back in 2004 for the first ever concert at the Kallang Theatre and when I was in Genting so I actually have quite a few of his autographs.

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