[2010.12.02] London!

So here I am in London.

It was a pretty crappy flight really. The plane was firstly delayed by about an hour due to some freight issues. So we were sitting in the plane at the gate for about an hour before we finally took off.

Also, I’m not really sure why but it seems just my luck that I always get screaming kids/babies on my flights. It’s hella annoying!

On this flight, it was particularly disasterous. There was about 5 screaming kids on board. One of them was particularly impressive. He was practically crying and screaming for the entire flight!! I have no idea where he finds his inspiration and stamina to scream and cry for the entire almost 14 hours of the flight.

Anyway, surprisingly, I also managed to sleep through some of the wailing. Haha. I watched Despicable Me and The Killers on the plane. I actually watched Fringe and Glee again. I just don’t get sick of rewatching Glee. 🙂

When I landed in Heathrow, it was snowing!! It’s my first time landing in snow. I must say that despite all my greviance towards British Airways, the pilot did a fantastic job during landing. He was really hilarious as well.

Anyway, It’s only like 1pm or so here in London. I’m so confused right now…

I’ll end off here with a picture of a white London:

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