[2010.12.04] Jingle Bell Ball!!

The Jingle Bell Ball is why I flew to London. Well, it’s because of the lineup of actually and the key line up  being McFly.

I LOVE McFly and have been dying to meet them for years!! So the Jingle Bell Ball was kinda perfect for it.

Anyway, we headed over to the O2 Arena for the concert. It was my first concert in UK and my first concert in O2 and first time to see McFly, Taio Cruz, Jason Deruuulo, Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke, The Wanted and Duffy. Plenty of firsts. 🙂

When I entered the arena, I was like, “WOW!!” The place was massive!!

I was up there in the nosebleeds of course. I’d take whatever I can get for a start. I ain’t gonna get all pissy about being so far behind. I still enjoyed myself BIG time!!

First up was Taio Cruz:

He was really good!! And he actually missed soundcheck!

Next up was Alexandra Burke:

She was freaking good too!! I think she’s the best X Factor winner so far. Even though I love Shayne Ward, I must say that Alexandra Burke is so much better!

After that was McFly:

One of the main reasons why I came to London. I love McFly. They sang “5 Colours In Her Hair”, “All About You” and “Shine A Light” with Taio Cruz. I’m really happy because “All About You” is one of my favouritest song from McFly. They smashed it!! I really hope that they will bring their world tour (when it actually happens) to Singapore!!

After them was Jason Derulo:

He’s pretty good but ain’t really my cup of tea. I think it’s really funny when the entire crowd started singing “Jason Deruuuulo” at the beginning of “In My Head”. I also love how the entire crowd seem to know every single damn word of the song!

Duffy was next:

Really, she was kinda out of place in the line up really. I’d so trade her for Cee Lo Green who missed the performance because of the weather. He apparently was stuck in Amsterdam.

Nicole Scherzinger took the stage next:

She sang “Don’tcha”, “When I Grow Up” and “Poison”. It was really weird when she sang the Pussycat Dolls songs.

Olly Murs was next:

He did only 2 songs actually – “Thinking of Me” and “Please Don’t Let Me Go”. He’s good too and I like him. He’s cute. To be honest, he doesn’t look that gay in person than in all the promotional photos. Still can’t quite decide if he’s gay or not. Haha.

Next is The Script:

They were pretty awesome too. I actually recognise their songs though I don’t know which ones they are. Haha. I did remember “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” though. 🙂  It was really fun to sing-a-long to it.

The Wanted:

were completely rubbish. Haha. They were alright and that’s about it. They didn’t have much choreography for a boyband and weren’t blending in nicely. Not the best looking bunch of blokes around. So no, as much as I love me boybands, The Wanted does nothing for me.

Finally, we have the Black Eyed Peas!!

The brought the house down. Period. I loved it when they did Time of My Life (Dirty Bit). I love that song!! I’m also very impressed by how the entire crowd could rap along to every single BEP song. I can’t do the raps but I sure know all the fERGiE parts.

The sound at the O2 Arena was phenomenal!! All concert venues in Singapore should take a leaf out of their books. The layout was easy to get to, lots of food and beverages available and the sounds was awesome!! Superb concert experience overall!!

And lastly, before we left, we managed to grab some “spots & stripes” chocolates sponsored by Cadbury.

Nothing spectacular about the chocolates though. It’s just the usual milk chocolate that is moulded in a particular design.

This is one of the best nights EVER!!

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