[2010.12.05] Tron London Premiere

Didn’t plan to do much for the day actually. Was just planning to chill and that’s exactly what I did. That is until we found out that there was a premiere in Leicester Square for Tron.

We weren’t too keen on going initially because it was just Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde. No offense to any of them but I have never been that into movie stars. It’s usually the musicians.

Things changed when McFly and Shayne Ward tweeted that they were going to attend the Tron premiere. I started screaming when I saw the tweets really. Haha. I kid you not.

Empire Cinema

So we went down to Leicester Square to see that the Empire Cinema was all glitz up. It was my first major movie premiere really. The one ages ago at Shaw Centre with Tom Cruise didn’t really count.

The director Joseph Kosinski was the first to arrive. I don’t have any good pictures of him. Too many people crowding around him at the blue carpet. Jeff Bridges was next to arrive. He looks really old!!

Jeff Bridges

There after, Olivia Wilde appeared and to be honest, I didn’t really care about her. Haha. I was waiting for McFly and Shayne Ward to arrive!

While waiting, I saw Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley. I actually shouted “Amber!” and caught a wave from her. I actually didn’t see Kevin McHale until he got interviewed. The shame. I would have loved to get a picture with them.

Also, The Script was spotted at the premiere. I actually didn’t know their names so I didn’t call them. I also saw Alison from Goldfrapp. Also, I saw one of the guy from Hurts (which I now found out was Theo Hutchcraft) and yeah, because I didn’t know his name, I didn’t stop him. In fact, no one did. LOL.

Finally, I saw McFly!!! It was so surreal!! I’ve been a fan of McFly since “5 Colours” and I finally met them! I was so excited!! Actually, when they arrived, Manfred and I were like, “MCFLY!!! TOM!!! DANNY!!!” It was funny because we were the only ones who called them.

The boys were really nice. Harry wasn’t there though. The shame. And here are my pictures with them:

Tom Fletcher

Danny Jones
Dougie Poynter

Immediately after I was done with McFly, Shayne Ward arrived. I practically freaked out. Haha. He was so so so so nice!!!! I love him even more now! 🙂 <3

Shayne Ward

After I got all my photos and albums signed, we made a beeline to McDonalds to get out of the cold. The 1.5 hours of wait in the freezing cold felt like a 3 hour wait really but it was all worth it. 🙂  I’m contented (for now) and I couldn’t have asked for more at that point.

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