[2010.12.06] Buckingham Palace and Harrods

I actually just realised that I had forgotten to grab a tourist map when I arrived in London so I decided to head over to Selfridges to look for the tourist desk. I’m not sure why they said they were one in there but I for sure didn’t find it.


I did however, had a good time looking at all the dresses inside though. Very tempted to buy but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a chance to wear any of them. If I just wore it down the street in Singapore, people would probably think I’m mad since it’s too over the top.

Thereafter, I decided to head over to see the Buckingham Palace. It’s one of the sights which I plan to go see during this trip.

I took the tube down to Green Park and walked through the park to Buckingham Palace. To be honest, because of the weather, the place looked more like Gray Park than a Green Park. LOL.

Green Park
Buckingham Palace

So, Buckingham Palace. It’s massive but isn’t as wow as when I looked at St Pietro Basilica. I didn’t bother to take the tour as while I was at Selfridges, Manfred told me that we had a chance to stalk Jason Derulo later in the afternoon.

I then just decided to take a quick walk through St James Park then I’ll head over to meet Manfred.

St James Park
St James Park
St James Park
St James Park
Hello Squirrel!
Buckingham Palace from St James Park
Princess Diana Memorial
Westminister from St James Park

The park is really pretty even in the early winter. I can imagine that it would look even prettier in spring/summer  when everything blooms!

So I saw that I was slightly ahead of schedule and I decided to pop down to Harrods before I went to meet Manfred.


To be honest, the Harrods branded stuff aren’t really worth buying from the Harrods store itself as it’s really expensive! It’s actually cheaper to buy it from Heathrow really. I bought my Harrods purse from Heathrow (airside) 3 years ago for 8 pounds and I saw the same purse in Harrods (Knightsbridge) for 15 pounds. Go figure.

Didn’t buy much in the end and I left to meet Manfred. And Jason Derulo.

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