[2010.12.07] Camden, Colleagues and Tower Bridge

I was due to meet up with some colleagues (present and ex) for lunch but I decided to head over to Camden first. Mistake. Somewhat.

Camdem Market

Firstly, the markets were not fully opened. In fact, some of them were in the midst of opening when I arrived. Mistake 2, I started buying stuff. I also saw some really nice ear rings but I managed to resist buying.

I do like Camden really. I like how the place has character although my colleagues were telling me how it can get a bit dodgy when it’s dark.

Nice facade
Buildings with character

It was good strategy on my part to only spend 1 hour in Camden to minimise shopping damage. Haha.

The gherkin-shaped Swiss Re Building
Leadenhall Market, near my London office

I went down to the London office to meet up with my colleagues. It’s so nice to see some of them again and to put a face to a name/voice for the others. It was quite interesting as I’m the only girl in the whole bunch of guys and how I’m also the shortest. They were all at least a head taller than me so it was quite tiring (to my neck) to talk to them. LOL.

After catching up, I headed towards River Thames to see the Tower Bridge. Along the way, I passed by Tower Hill.

Tower Hill
Tower Hill

By the time I arrived at the banks of River Thames, the sun was setting. It was great actually because the sunset was pretty spectacular and it make Tower Bridge look even prettier!

Tower Bridge

Pretty innit?? Here’s more:

Sunset on River Thames
City Hall at sunset


I walked across the Tower Bridge and did a walk along the river bank.

It was a nice walk. Wasn’t too cold that night. However, it was quite weird as that evening, there were so many other tourists who kept asking me to help them take photos. It’s as if I had a sign above my head that says, “I take good photos, ask me for help.” LOL.

Anyway, I walked across the London Bridge too. It looked ordinary. I read a sign somewhere that says it’s a new one. The original one was destroyed in a fire. And it’s commemorated by this Monument:

The Monument

And that’s all for the day’s activities.

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