[2010.12.08] Top Of The Pops Christmas Special

Top of the Pops!

So Manfred managed to score a pair of tickets to the recording of the Top Of The Pops Christmas Special (which will be aired on Christmas Day). He got the tickets for the Coldplay recording.

Can you make out Coldplay?

I would have loved to watch the Olly Murs one but it was pretty late actually but whatever, I’ll take whatever I can get. πŸ™‚ I’m not overly fussed. Unless it was McFly, Shayne Ward and Okgo.

We basically watched Coldplay do Christmas Lights 3 times and the hour was up. Chris Martin was hilarious. πŸ™‚ “We’re at number 36 on the charts. Our favourite position obviously.” HAHAHAHA!!

After the taping, we went to Westfields.

Westfield London

It apparently was one of the largest shopping malls in Europe.

Inside Westfield

Sure was massive but it’s just another mall at the end of the day. Something that I didn’t really fancy too much. If you haven’t been around enough, you would know that every mall has roughly the same mix of shops, especially the major brands so it’s like same, same but different. You know what I mean?

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