[2010.12.09] Emirates Stadium, Royal Variety Performance 2010 + Covent Garden

Emirates Stadium

I made a last minute detour to go see the Emirates Stadium, home of the Arsenal Football Club. I’m not a major BPL fan anymore but I still have a soft spot for Ryan Giggs. :p

After that, I went in search of 221B Baker’s Street. Got lost actually. Haha. I walked in the wrong direction for a good 10 minutes before realising that I was going nowhere.

Finally found the place after a while though:

221B Baker Street
Close up of 221B Baker Street

I didn’t go into the museum actually. I didn’t have that much time left after getting lost. I had to meet Manfred to try stalk Cheryl Cole and Take That at the Royal Variety Performance.

Entrance to the Royal Variety Performance venue

To be honest, we got bored after a while and left. We didn’t wait very long really. Haha. Which was a very good decision on our part coz apparently, about 10 minutes after we left the area, I read from my twitter timeline that the student protesters were thrashing the TopShop at Oxford Circus and were attacking the car ferrying Prince Charles and Camilla to the Royal Variety Performance!

If we had waited, we would have probably been caught among the protesters and god knows what would have happened. If we came out unscathed, it would have been an awesome story but the downside of things was that we could have been arrested on suspicion that we were one of those attackers and I’d probably get deported or something.

Anyway, we went to Covent Garden for a walk around.

Covent Garden
Inside the Covent Garden Market

There was a stringed quartet who played inside and the baritone was really good!! If you know who those people who were busking there then, please let me know. I’d like to check them out. Thanks.

Can't really remember where this is but I really like the lights!

After that, we headed over to Chinatown.


We had chinese food for dinner that night and I must say that it tasted really good!! It’s pretty authentic chinese taste. Very close to what we get here. I like. 🙂

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