[2010.12.11] Love Never Dies in Winter Wonderland

I decided to watch Love Never Dies simply because of Ramin Karimloo (The Phantom) and it’s an Andrew Lloyd Webber production.

Love Never Dies @ The Adelphi

Andrew Llyod Webber’s stuff are usually pretty epic so I know I wouldn’t be disappointed. Furthermore, at the press conference for Love Never Dies, I saw Ramin Karimloo sing “Till I Hear You Sing” and it was then that I knew that I HAD TO watch Ramin sing live.

He didn’t disappoint. He is freaking epic!! His voice was so emotional and powerful. I actually cried when he sang “Till I Hear You Sing”. Pretty embarassing but thankfully, the theatre was dark. Haha. I unfortunately didn’t get to hear Sierra Boggess (main) as Christine. I had Celia Graham (first cover) instead. She was really good too!

The production was fantastic as well. I loved how they made use of moving media and the actual actors behind the screens to conjour up the imagery. Fantastic! I love it!! I’d highly recommend anyone to watch this musical. Make sure that it’s Ramin as Phantom. I’m sure the covers are good too but Ramin is a must experience!

Also, when I was sitting the theatre, I saw this guy walking in and the first thing I thought was, “this guy looks like Josh Groban”. I didn’t get a good look at his face actually and because the musical started, I cast that thought out of my mind as I immersed myself into the activities of Coney Island.

At the interval, I saw the guy again. I heard his voice now and I was thinking, “I think this guy IS Josh Groban but I’m not sure.” I tried to get a good look at his face again but no luck. So started the second half and once again, chucked that thought out of my head.

After the show, I thought, “should I wait for the guy to walk out to see his face or should I just not think so hard and leave?” My bladder made the decision for me and so I left. Exiting the theatre, I took a left only to realise that it didn’t lead back to Leicester Square so I turned around.

BLOODY HELL!!! THAT GUY WAS JOSH GROBAN!!!!! He was walking towards me and I had no more doubts. I got a good look and I’m confident that I recognised the right guy. I stood there stunned for a while since I wasn’t mentally prepared to meet/see anyone famous then. The moment he walked past me, I turned around but lost him in the crowd. 🙁 There were just too many people and it was too chaotic. I would have definitely followed him to a less crowded part of the street to ask for an autograph and photo! Dammit!!

Oh well.

Anyway, I went to Picadilly Circus to meet Manfred for an Indian dinner! It was so delicious!!! I’m drooling as I blog about it!


After dinner, we went on to Winter Wonderland.

Walking in the winter wonderland

It was basically a night market. Not much different from the pasar malams we have here in Singapore. However, because it was winter and it was actually cold, the Christmas carols blasting from the speakers actually created a very festive mood!

helter skelter slidethe weird mansion
the bazaars selling stuff

For once in my life, I felt really Christmassy!

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