[Travel Rant] Packing My MacBook Pro and Forgetting the Charger

Blogging from Seoul. Yes, again. XD

I consider myself to be pretty well travelled and I generally am pretty good with packing my luggage at the last possible minute or for the really last minute trips that I tend to make.

However, contrary to my usually habits and practice, this trip to Seoul is something that I have actually planned for ages and booked more than 3 months in advance.

So you’d think that I’ve had so much time to prepare and all right?

Then I did one of the dumbest thing EVER; I packed my MacBook Pro but I forgot the laptop charger.

Moon © Naver LINE
Moon © Naver LINE

I am so epic right?

The worst part of it all was how I actually promised selective colleagues that I’ll continue to attend to their requests as per usual with a bit of delay while on my 2 weeks+ holiday.

And because I do not have my laptop charger, my laptop ran out of batteries and I couldn’t do anything that I had set out to do. My colleagues actually did send me a bunch of WhatsApp/LINE/KKT messages to ask me when I can get their things done.

Moon © Naver LINE
Moon © Naver LINE

And as per Murphy’s Law, while I wasn’t able to use my laptop, I also received a whole bunch of media releases and there is such a huge backlog of stuff to post/blog about now. 🙁

It has always been said (or maybe it is just me) that when you travel, you really need your passport, money + credit cards and tickets. Anything else you forget you can just buy.

However, as it was a MacBook Pro charger, it wasn’t something I could easily buy a cheap-ass charger to use as an interim to tide me through my trip. Even if I went down to the Apple store to buy another charger, it would be a Korean plug which I cannot use in Singapore. The hassle and pain I tell you.

Fortunately, I had someone flying into Seoul who could bring my charger for me and hence I’m back in action. Kinda. 🙂

I’ll post everything up including my Seoul and Jeju Island adventures again. And if you know me well enough, you’ll know how I cannot avoid drama. So yes, the last week hasn’t been an exception and forgetting my laptop charger was only the beginning.

Watch this space.

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