[2010.12.12] STOMP to Jamie’s Italian!

Third musical! Well, not really but STOMP was classified as a musical so there.

As the matinee only started at 3pm, I decided to take a walk along Regent Street again. I might have missed something that I wanted to buy. You know what I mean? 😉

And here are the sights for the day:

All Souls Church
a very furturist festive

At Carnaby Street, I saw Liam Gallengher’s Pretty Green outlet. Wasn’t really expecting it really. Then again, I never really bothered much about Liam’s Pretty Green line. I must admit that I walked into the shop out of curiosity and I’m pretty sure that the staff knew I was an Oasis/Liam fan because Pretty Green was a fashion line for men. Haha. I must say that the quality of the stuff is very good. I like how it felt when I run my hands over the cloth.

Anyway, I finally arrived at the theatre after getting lost trying to find The Ambassador Theatre. Google maps on the iPhone failed me. Had to go back to basics and work out my bearings.

STOMP @ Ambassador Theatre

Anyway, I love STOMP and the audience interaction involved. Those guys in the cast are hilarious!! I’m pretty sure that it was all rehearsed and all that but their timing was SPOT ON. Every audience’s reaction would be different for each show but they were able to adjust accordingly to draw a reaction/laughter.

Freaking A!

Also, I realised that Jamie Oliver’s casual dining place, “Jamie’s Italian” was right across the street from where STOMP was playing and I pretty much decided that I’m going to have my dinner there that night. However, STOMP ended at about 4.50pm so it was a bit too early for dinner and I went to walk around again.

I found myself back in Trafalgar Square and this time around, there were some carolers!

Hark the herald angels sing!

I watched them sing for a bit and to be honest, I actually have never heard any of the carols they were singing. The only one I knew was “Deck The Halls”.

After their set, I went back to get my dinner!

Best decision EVER!!!

my YUMMY cockles linguini

It was the best pasta I’ve ever had in my life so far. And I wasn’t starving so I’m not being biased here. It really tasted so good!! I wanted to take my time to savour the food but I gobbled it down in less than 10 minutes. Haha. When I was done, I was quite tempted to order another round really even though I was kinda full. I decided to get dessert instead.


The tiramisu was AWESOME!!! The cream and cake layer were so light!! Halfway through the tiramisu, I was really full and going to explode but I couldn’t stop stuffing it into my mouth. I was positively beyond full but firstly, it was really good and secondly, I didn’t want to waste food.

I actually chose to stand all the way back in the tube. Haha.

I should probably go try a Gordon Ramsay restaurant but I’d love to go back there again for another meal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I could have it everyday really.

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