[2010.12.13] It’s BURLESQUE!!

So after Jamie’s Italian the previous night, I was helping Manfred to finish the pasta he bought:

It was nowhere near really but hey, I was pretty awesome improvising. Haha.

Anyway, this is pretty much the biggest event on this trip: the Burlesque London Premiere!! With appearances by Cher, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet and many more!!

Burlesque Premiere @ Empire Cinema

From the experience at the TRON: LEGACY premiere, we knew that we had to arrive earlier to get a better spot at the red carpet. We actually stood there for almost 2.5 hours before the pink carpet event actually started!

Lights! Camera!

First on the the pink carpet was Steven Antin (director) with his sister Robin Antin (founder/creator of the Pussycat Dolls). Thereafter, we spotted Dita von Tease, Paloma Faith and a couple of other British celebrities that I don’t recognise.

The next to arrive was Cam Gigandet. He’s hella cute!!! I unfortunately didn’t manage to get any photos of him except this crap one:

Cam Gigandet doing press

Kristen Bell was the next to arrive and that silly girl didn’t wear any stockings and just wore a light jacket! It’s bloody winter girl!! You can tell that she was freezing the entire time on the pink carpet and after she was done with the main interview on the stage, she made a beeline into the cinema and didn’t sign any autographs for anyone.

Oh well, the main attraction was Christina Aguilera!!

Christina Aguilera aka xtina bitch

95% of the crowd was there to see her anyway. I was expecting her to be a bitch and not sign many autographs but she actually signed for all!! I was really shocked!! Still, she’s not off my bitch list yet, she ranks lower in the list now. I’ll take her off the list when I actually get a photo with her.

Christina's autograph

Cher was the last to arrive. She’s a legend in her own right. She’s the original sex symbol and lady gaga if you will. While she was doing press, I managed to meet Shayne Ward again and got him to sign on another album!! <3 I love that guy!! He’s super sweet!!


Finally, the biggest star of the night (in name) – CHER!!

Cher doing press

She was genuinely nice and sincere. Totally un-diva-like (as opposed to xtina bitch). She chatted with fans while signing everything for everyone. Christina just signed and did not chat/respond to fans at all. I feel really honoured to be in her presense and get an autograph from her!

Cher's autograph

What a way to end the trip eh? What a bang!

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