First post of 2011!

Must admit that I spent the first day or 2011 sleeping. Hahaha. Pulled an all nighter over 31 December 2010 and only went to bed at 8.45am on 1 January 2011. How awesome is that? Haha.

Anyway, looking back on 2010, it’s been a really amazing year. Sounds cliché and all that but it’s true!! I had so much going on in 2010 that I can’t even keep up with myself.

I have so many highlights in 2010 that I can’t deicide which was the biggest highlight. Haha. The most memorably few (in no particular order) was definitely

  • meeting Shayne Ward, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter in London
  • attending the Jingle Bell Ball at O2 in London
  • “groping” a chippendale dude at the Singapore F1 race
  • meeting my ex-colleagues in London and Paris
  • going to Europe twice in a year
  • seeing Cher and Christina Aguilera in the flesh and getting their autographs
  • meeting Mika and going to his concert on my birthday! 🙂
  • meeting Greenday and going to their concert!! Best concert of 2010 for me!!
  • seeing Tokio Hotel in the flesh!! (BIIIILLLLL!!!)
  • taking a photo with Kanye West
  • meeting Jared Leto (and Shannon and Tomo)
  • getting invited to the MTV Asia office for a screening of the VMAs and EMAs!
  • Manfred’s haunted room in London

I’ve been really grateful of everything. Wouldn’t dare to ask for more really.

Here’s hoping for a more exciting 2011!!

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