Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong & Moses Chan

(L-R) Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Moses Chan & Bosco Wong

So yesterday, I headed down to the City Square Mall with Roxanne to go get a glimpse of the 4 TVB actors: Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖), Ron Ng (吴卓羲), Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) and Moses Chan (陈豪).

Kevin Cheng & Ron Ng

I have been in love with Kevin and Ron for years after watching so many TVB dramas and I finally got a chance to see them in person. They’ve been here many times but I don’t usually pay attention to anything outside english music so I never tried to go see/stalk them before.

Kevin Cheng & Ron Ng

This time around, since Roxanne wanted to go see them and I certainly didn’t require any persuasion to go along (actually, I wanted to tag along). Haha.

The 4 guys were constantly joking and ribbing each other on stage. There was this game segment where they were supposed to draw an envelope which contains something that they have to “do” to/with the fan and they kept joking about how they were supposed to give the lucky fan a “wet kiss”.

Anyway, all the 5 fans (4 girls, 1 boy) who went on stage all got a hug and all the girls in the audience started screaming in jealousy (so was I). Haha.

I thought the funniest part was when the girl from the Bosco fan club scored a photo op with Moses. She kept seeking approval from Bosco and Bosco kept checking that Moses wasn’t getting too cosy with her. In the end, Bosco was like, “ok, you can hug him.” Hahaha. And of coz, the girl just grabbed Moses and hugged him.

It was such a hoot. Love them even more now.

Now, I also want a photo and a hug from Kevin & Ron. Hahaha.

So here are more photos from yesterday, enjoy. 🙂

Kevin Cheng
Kevin Cheng
Moses Chan & Bosco Wong
Moses Chan & Bosco Wong
Ron Ng & Moses Chan

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