Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong departure from Singapore

So the 4 TVB handsomes departed on separate flights with Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong leaving on the same flight.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried to stalk a Chinese star actually. The other Chinese stars I’ve met were all by pure luck and coincidence. It was quite a culture shock really and a very amusing experience.

For example, when Bosco decided to come out from behind the barriers to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, his fan club members called out names from a list to make a queue.

Bosco Wong

It was definitely new to me. It was also interesting to note that Bosco knew some of his fans by name and was in a constant banter with them. As I am fluent in Cantonese, I could understand everything that they were saying and I overhead Bosco telling a fan off that she had to study hard (“唔得! 你要讀書!”). I didn’t hear what she was asking but I’m quite sure that it was something relating to wanting to skip school/not studying when she had to to do something for him.

Kevin Cheng was hilarious as well. As Kevin is older than Bosco, his fan base was also naturally older.

Kevin Cheng and the baby

So the lady in the picture was lucky enough to be there when Kevin and Bosco were there. So she made her way through the fans for a photo with Kevin. She was telling Kevin that the baby was her son and Kevin tried to carry the baby and he started crying. He was like, “哇!唔被面喔!” (Translation: Whoa, he is not giving me face!)

It was hilarious because Kevin tried to carry the baby a few times and at every attempt, the baby started crying. Then he just decided to just carry the baby and the baby started screaming. Hahaha. He then returned the baby and apologized to the baby’s mum and said, “好啦,好啦。唔好哼啦。被面啦。” (Translation: ok, ok, stop crying. Give me some face.)

So funny!!!

It was really refreshing to see how humble and nice these TVB actors are. All celebrities should be like them. They were just signing and taking pictures with fans the entire time. In fact, they went to the check-in counter, left their passport there and started engaging the fans… to the point where they just stood there and let the fans mob them for 20 – 30 minutes before they went into the departure lounge.

That said, I did managed to get a photo with Kevin:

Kevin Cheng & Me

This definitely won’t be my first and last photo with him. 😉

4 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong departure from Singapore

  1. SO LUCKY!
    where’s ron ? 😛
    sigh, what time did they leave?
    i thought of going too but i thought they left like damn early LOL

    1. I have no idea where ron was. Would have loved a picture with him. :p

      They left about 4 plus in the afternoon.

    1. yes i’m chinese but i do not know which website to go to really. 🙂 for tvb/hk related artistes, i get tip offs from my friends who knows who i like. and i then search for information about the artists really…

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