Maroon 5 departure from Singapore

If you didn’t already know, Maroon 5 left Singapore earlier this afternoon and headed to Jakarta.

I heard that there were a few fans at the airport and Adam wasn’t as pissy as he was during the arrival and was actually alright. Go figure.

Here’s a photo of Matt and Adam as they left today:

Thanks to for the photo

7 thoughts on “Maroon 5 departure from Singapore

  1. Hi, I was waiting to send them off at the airport too…they took SQ right?? But I didn’t see them come in at the check-in counter! I was there at that timing, watching the entrance of the terminally carefully… πŸ™ how come i didn’t see a big entourage or crew, was it at the VIP check-in or something?

    1. OH! Poor you to miss them! πŸ™

      I wasn’t at the airport so I’m not really sure how you missed them. My friend did tell me that the crew and the band arrived separately. Not where where they checked in. Sorry.

  2. I really wanted to send them off. Had attended their gig for the first time last night, and wanted to shake their hand. Sighh

  3. But still, I really can’t figure out how I missed them. I was there at the time they checked in, had predicted the dep timing correctly! N woke up at like 7am to take the 1 hr plus train ride down to the airport. Do you know where your friend was waiting at? I should have just stationed myself right beside the check-in counters (I was watching the terminal entrance literally like a hawk)? SIGH. Who know how many yrs later till we see them again.

    1. nope, no idea where my friend was. sorry. i know how you feel (i’ve missed a few people leaving too).

      can only hope that they don’t disband so when they go on tour again, i’m sure one of the concert organizers will bring them back!

  4. omg, haha. never say that they are going to disband, but who knows huh, anything can happen in a few years. N, i just gotta say, ur friend is gd! I figured out why i missed them now. I never would have known at that time today. Live and learn. Hais.

    1. “disband” is Adam’s word. I’m just quoting him. πŸ™‚ Though he did say at the press conference in Singapore that they might not disband afterall… but they haven’t decided.

      and yes, live and learn.

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