Avril Lavigne arrival in Singapore

Avril Lavigne signing for fans at the airport

There were a lot of fans at the airport today. I hope everyone at least got an autograph from Avril who actually stopped to sign. (She didn’t really stop to sign on her previous trips here.)

There was a false alarm when her crew tweeted that they have arrived and many fans thought that Avril has also arrived and missed her at the airport. She actually showed up a good 4 hours later.

So are you excited for The Black Star tour?

3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne arrival in Singapore

  1. Erm..I didn’t went to meet up at the airport, but I really want her autograph. Is there anyway to get an autograph in singapore? During concert or when she is leaving singapore at the airport?

  2. I went to the concert! It was AWESOME! Could you tell me her departure flight details? I’d really like to see her again before she leaves. Please contact me.

    1. I do not know her flight details. I only know that she is leaving tomorrow. Sorry.

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