Simple Plan to play at Music Matters 2011 in Singapore

Simple Plan has been confirmed to play at Music Matters 2011 in Singapore. They join Imogen Heap as part of the performers at the event which will be held at Ritz Carlton Millenia on 26 – 28 May 2011.

This event is invite only and open only to music industry folks.

5 thoughts on “Simple Plan to play at Music Matters 2011 in Singapore

  1. Are you sure it’s invite only?? Is there any way we can get tickets? I heard they’re playing at Clarke Quay as well..

    1. Yes it is invite only. I did hear that SG SP Crew would receive an email to RSVP for an invite to the showcase.

      They will also be showing up on stage at about 10.20pm at Clarke Quay Music Matters main stage near the fountain with These Kids Wear Crowns.

  2. Okay so is the Clarke Quay performance for the public? If yes, do we buy tickets or is it free? I can’t find any info about it anywhere!

  3. Only one song?? How come? Okay then I’m not feeling as depressed as before that I can’t go..

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