Flo Rida arrival in Singapore

Flo Rida arrived in Singapore today for his one night only gig at Wavehouse Sentosa.

Flo Rida's autograph

He looked really tired when we approached him and the kind of vibe he was giving off was quite scary. We were totally scared when we approached him and fortunately, he obliged to an autograph each for us.

He didn’t want to take any photos as well because he must have felt very unglamorous and uncool. 🙂 He was wearing a black round neck t-shirt, black bermudas, a hat and sunglasses. No bling at all.

So he didn’t want to take any photos, we respect that and backed off.

4 thoughts on “Flo Rida arrival in Singapore

  1. Don’t know why these rappers and all have such bad attitudes when the come here.

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