How To Get To SM Entertainment’s SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Café

On this recent trip to Seoul, I went to the newly opened SUM Market and Café owned and by SM Entertainment as they diversify their business interests.

So here’s the answer to the question that many people are asking: it’s very easy to get to SUM Market and café. Take the Subway to Cheongdam Station on Line 7, Exit 6. You can see it right there once you get to the ground level of Exit 6.

View from Exit 6 of Cheongdam Station (Line 7)
View from Exit 6 of Cheongdam Station (Line 7)

The entrance to the café is to the left of the SM Logo in the photo above. SUM Market is in the basement and there’s a staircase leading down behind the SM logo in the photo above. You can also enter SUM Market from the café.

The items in SUM Market isn’t as expensive as I expected it to be but I still spent too much money in there. T_T So here’s what I bought:

Goods I bought in SUM Market
Goods I bought in SUM Market

No prizes for guessing who is my favourite SM Entertainment artist and all that cost me:

SUM Market reciept
SUM Market reciept

The bulk of the cost went to the nuts (35,000 won). It’s super healthy tasting (it’s not salted) but I don’t think it’s worth the money to be honest. It’s just a variety of nuts that you can get from any other place. All 30 packets in the huge pack are the same. Nothing really interesting except how I can go around telling people that “I’m eating Siwon nuts”.

Among all the items that I’ve bought and have tasted, I must say that this is probably the best buy:

Super Junior Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn
Super Junior Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn

At 1,680 won (~S$2) with a resealable bag, it tastes like the Garrett Popcorn but with a lighter feel on your tastebuds. It’s not too sweet as well and I now wish I bought a few more packets.

My second recommendation would be the Super Junior Sea Salt and Pepper Potato Chips (2,980 won). It also has a very light feel on your tastebuds and it isn’t salty on top of the mild/barely there pepper taste. I was a little disappointed with the TVXQ Lobster flavoured chips (2,980 won) to be honest. Lobster should taste awesome but it just tasted like a milder version of regular BBQ flavoured chips. There was an aftertaste left in the mouth as well. Something that didn’t happen with the Super Junior Sea Salt and Pepper flavoured potato chips.

I ate the cup noodles (800 won each) while I was in Seoul and I didn’t like either of them. It could be that I don’t like the Korean jjajang flavour (black) and the red one was just too damn spicy for me. I downed a banana milk in one shot to counter the spice but it was useless. It was so spicy that the next morning when I pooped, I felt my ass burn. #truestory LOL. Never again.

At this point in writing, I haven’t tried the chocolates (10,000 won).

TIP: bring your own shopping bag for SUM Market purchases coz they charge 100 won per plastic bag.

On to the café.

Celebrity SUM Café
Celebrity SUM Café

It’s nice and bright but I didn’t stay to try any of the food because I had an agenda for the day. If you are lucky, you might spot some of the SM artists in the café as well. I didn’t have such luck because I found out that the day after I visited, Siwon darling was spotted at the café! Oh well, I should be contented which how I have seen Siwon in the flesh a couple of times up close (1, 2, 3), right?

Celebrity SUM Café
Celebrity SUM Café

There’s proper food at the café apart from desserts. I didn’t look at the menu but I saw people eating pasta and salads as I walked around for a look.

Maybe the next time, I’ll try something at the café. We’ll see.

SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Café is at 서울 강남구 삼성로 648 (648 Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea). It opens from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm KST.

Have fun and good luck!

18 thoughts on “How To Get To SM Entertainment’s SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Café

  1. Hello
    I don’t speak English but I hope you understand me.
    You live in Korea?
    Could you do me a favor and send me some things from the SM shop please?
    My name is Kriss and I live in Peru 🙂
    Thank you!!

    1. I don’t live in Korea. 🙂 But what do you want? If it is not urgent, I can try and help you to get it when I go to Seoul next month for Super Show 7. Take note that some food items cannot be mailed and some items listed in this post might no longer be sold.

    1. yeah they do. but there isn’t a lot of stock. go to SM ARTium at CoEx or the Lotte Young Mall basement if you are looking for albums of SM Artists. or just go to the CD shops in myeongdong underground mall.

  2. hi, may i know what is the difference between sm coex artium and sum market? is sum market merged together as a store at sm coex artium or it is not?

    1. Sm CoeEx ARTium is like a SM Museum + concept store. SUM Market is like a convenient store selling SM artist branded food items mostly among other regular convenience store stuff. SUM Market is the same building where the idols occasionally pass through the lobby.

  3. Hello! I’m very confused right now hahahaha….. is SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Café,
    SM Building and SM Coex Artium all 3 different places?

  4. Hello! I am so confused….. is SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Café, SM Building and SM Coex Artium are these 3 places different places?

    1. Yes, they are all different locations. SUM Market and SUM Café is in the new SM Building in Cheongdam, the old SM Building is in apgujeong. SM ARTium is at CoEx in samseong.

      1. Just to 100% confirm.

        SUM Market and Celebrity SUM Café is at Cheongdam Station (Line 7)?

        SM Building is at Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Line 3)?

        SM Coex Artium is at Samseong Station (Line 2)?

      2. Apgujeong Rodeo Station is on the Bundang Line. If you go via Line 3, it’s Apgujeong Station.

  5. in my opinion, go to sm coex artium is enough.. sm building at cheongdam has nothing much and its quite far..

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