SPARAH – a celebrity couple completely manufactured by Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile USA started their ad campaign for their $25/month unlimited data plans with this ad:

I knew it was going to be something fun and hilarious. (That is pretty much the Virgin culture.)

I didn’t think much about it until today when I just went to YouTube and decided to watch the ad again. Then I stumbled upon the webisodes of the manufacturing of SPARAH. I’m not sure how many episodes there are in the series but I watched all 7 that are available in one sitting.

The series are SUPER funny!!! OMG. Hahahaha. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. The part where they got their make over and styled, it cracked me up big time. I love the stylist for his flamboyance and the creative director of the photoshoot for his intensity. It’s so much more fun to watch than “The Hills” or whatever other reality series there are out there.

You can watch the webisodes for SPARAH here.

That said, I think the Virgin Mobile USA ran a very successful ad campaign in terms of awareness. Not sure what their conversion rate is like though.

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