Il Volo Showcase in Singapore

Il Volo had a crazy day yesterday as well. They touched down at 1 am from Miami and after a few hours of rest, they went on a radio tour. Poor boys.

So I know that this showcase wasn’t very well publicized but fortunately, I was able to find out the information about this show and how to gain entry in time.

Gold 90 FM and Symphony 92.4 were giving away tickets to the show. There were lots of winners at the place. Check out the crowd:

There were definitely more than 500 people in the room. Not sure if there was a thousand or more people even!

When the boys got on stage, they were welcomed by lots of cheering and screaming. Their debut album reach Gold status in Singapore. It’s amazing given that there wasn’t a lot of promotion done for them yet. They’re practically unknowns and they’re already on the Universal Music global priority list!

Despite being not well rested, Il Volo still sounded AMAZING!!  When they sang, they sounded exactly like the CD. A few times, I couldn’t even tell if they were for real or just miming. (For the record, they were singing live. They were that perfect to sound exactly like the mastered CD.)

I was mesmerized from the moment Gianluca opened his mouth to sing the first note of “Il Mondo”. To the point that I forgot how many songs they sang. I only remembered that they ended with the crowd’s favourite “O Sole Mio”.


Seriously amazing singers! Even when Ignazio was feeling under the weather! I’m running out of adjectives to use on these brilliant talents.

They’re gonna rule the charts really soon. I can just hear it. As soon as they get better at English, I’m sure they’ll steal even more hearts.

After the show, I managed to get the boys to sign on the CD sleeve. They were totally sweet and lovely. I nearly fainted when Gianluca smiled at me and went “Hey!” after I told him “Grazie” for signing on my album. Shame they were rushed away, else I would have used a few more italian words in my limited vocabulary. Hahaha.

Can’t wait to see and hear them again soon!

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  1. I am so envious of you, I would love to see them live unfortunately in the UK they are not yet known I only found them by accident on American Idol and have been hooked ever since

    1. Don’t worry. They should be heading there soon. This year Universal Music will promote them like hell. 🙂

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