The Cranberries arrival in Singapore

The Cranberries arrived in Singapore earlier today to play a one night only show tomorrow at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Apart from the usual few of us, there were other fans this time around. When Delores walked out, some fans dashed forward and started shoving stuff into her face for her to sign. She was ok about signing until one point where those fans started to get aggressive and started to jostle and push other fans.

As a result, the security made everyone back off and Delores stopped signing and walked off. 🙁 I was one of those fans who didn’t manage to get an autograph from Delores. No thanks to those rowdy fans.

People, yes, it can be very exciting to meet a celebrity/your idol but please remember, they are humans too and everyone’s safety is a concern. At any sign of chaos/crazy fans, they WILL back off and they WILL run and avoid all fans. Everyone will be disappointed and nobody gets anything. Everyone loses.

Also, for those who have already gotten an autograph and photo, back off and give other people a chance! It’s only fair that you give other fans their 30 seconds worth of attention from the artist. After everyone is done, then it’s fair game and you can try for another 30 seconds of attention from your favourite artist.

Remember, be nice and be polite. Expressing excitement by talking too much is the best way not to scare off your favourite artists. Most of them are usually more than happy to defy security to stop, sign and take photos with fans.

Anyway, here are the autographs from the rest of the band that I managed:

Sucks that I don’t have Delores’ autograph on the album. 🙁

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