The Wanted back in Singapore!

Universal Music Singapore has confirmed that The Wanted will be back in Singapore soon for more music and madness!!

The dates of when the boys will be back in town hasn’t been confirmed yet so watch this space!

[Update | 27 August 2011] It’s been said that The Wanted will be back in September 2011. They will have a showcase on one of the weekends and entry to the showcase is by showing their non-autographed debut album.

[Update | 28 August 2011] The showcase will happen on 12 September 2011 it seems.

[Update | 29 August 2011] So the showcase is now supposed to be on 17 September 2011.

[Update | 10 September 2011] The autograph session is on 17 September 2011 at Bugis Junction Square (the fountain) at 6.30pm.

[Update | 12 September 2011] So here are the details for the showcase, autograph session and take a photo with the band session:

The Wanted Private showcase
Date: September 17, 2011
Location: St James Power Station
Doors Open: 4pm
>> Present a copy of the UNSIGNED The Wanted debut album to enter the showcase venue. 1 CD admits 1 person.
CD can be bought from any CD shop.

The Wanted autograph session
Date: September 17, 2011
Location: Bugis Square, Bugis Junction Level 1
Time: 6.30pm
>> Present a copy of The Wanted (unsigned) debut album to get the boys’ autograph
CDs can be bought from any shop. CDs bought from CD Rama should come with a priority queue pass to the autograph session. 

Take-A-Pic Photo Session with The Wanted
Date: September 18, 2011
Location: HMV, 313@Somerset
Time: 7pm
>> Present The Wanted Photo Redemption coupon to get a photo taken with the boys. To get the redemption coupon, simply purchase The Wanted album from HMV.
Only CDs bought from HMV will come with a ticket for the photo session with the boys.

12 thoughts on “The Wanted back in Singapore!

  1. Am a fan of the wanted! Could you drop me an email
    If you know details of their arrival please?????? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. nope. i haven’t heard anything for 2012. at the rate they are going in USA, it’s not likely they’ll come back anytime soon.

  2. So, do I have to get a ticket to enter the concert or something? I’m not Singaporean…. Cam e-mail me the details??

  3. borning borning . i just want to comment for fun!! can not cam?? got problem??
    real name : My Mother Go Fish-ing/er At Beach-IIdeeot 

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