Chunxi Road (春熙路)

Chunxi Road is a must visit for all the shopperholics. It’s the main shopping street/pedestrian mall in Chengdu. You can find all the major brand on/around this road.

Chunxi Road
Chunxi Road
Chunxi Road

Honestly, the stuff that you find in Chunxi Road is not exactly cheap. They are mostly international brands/labels and they’re the same price and at most a dollar or two cheaper than in Singapore. They have some of the local brands but it’s not exactly super cheap as well. I don’t think it’s very worth buying stuff there (unless they’re on sale or they have a design which Singapore doesn’t have). Cosmetics and perfumes are a no-no. They’re definitely more expensive than in Singapore.

However, if you walk off the main Chunxi Road pedestrian mall in the direction of 新郎酒店, you should be able to see a building to the left where there are lots of shops like MBK in Bangkok. Or you just walk around the area, I’m sure there are shops around.

Those shops are the ones you should be shopping at. They are where the real cheap stuff are and you can even bargain! I bought quite a few t-shirts there because they were nice and cheap. Haha. I didn’t even bother to bargain much because it was already quite cheap and I didn’t have the heart to cut too much into their profits. Those people need to make some money don’t they?

Anyway, I kinda like Chengdu. It has a big city feel and it’s not overwhelmingly crowded like how Shanghai can be. Most definitely would go back for a visit.

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