The Wanted departure from Singapore

The Wanted departed from Singapore to London last night. I didn’t go to the departure this time as well but from what I heard from a friend who did, it was so full of drama at the airport!

Firstly, there were like a gazillion fans at the airport. Then to make things worse, I heard that a bitchy female fan slapped Nathan!!! Why would anyone want to slap Nathan? 🙁 He’s such a lovely bloke!!

The friend then said that Nathan spoke to their Manager about this incident and the next thing everyone knew, The Wanted quickly went into the lounge and didn’t come back out to sign any autographs or take photos with anyone.

That’s pretty much what I was told about what happened at The Wanted’s departure last night.

To that bitch who slapped Nathan, you deserve a slap too for ruining the experience of everyone who went to the airport last night.

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