Presenters for 2011 Mnet Asian Music Festival Announced!

The presenters for the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Festival (MAMA 2011) has just been announced!

Of the whole list of presenters, I’m only familiar with the name Lee Byung Hun, Ji Sung and Yoon Eun Hye. Hahaha.

Still, I can’t wait for the performers and the rest of the artists to be announced. I’m reading from various sites that Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 are confirmed to perform at the MAMA 2011!!

I can’t freaking wait!! So dying from the suspense!!

[Update | 17 November 2011]

So here’s an updated list of presenters:

  • Lee Byung Hun
  • Song Seung Hun
  • Go Soo
  • Park Si Hoo
  • Kim Soo Hyun
  • Song Joong Ki
  • Kim Hee Sun
  • Han Chae Young
  • Yoon Eun Hye
  • Han Hyo Joo
  • Kim Min Hee
  • Ji Sung
  • Kang Sora
  • Bae Soo Bin
  • Nam Gyu Ri
  • Park Si Yoon
  • Yoon Seung Ah
  • Oh Ji Ho
  • Kim Sung Soo

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